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The Planet GameCube Louie Awards 2002

Developer of the Year

by the NWR Staff - January 16, 2003, 8:34 pm EST

Our second annual Louie Awards are finally done. See what our staff picked for the best and worst of 2002.

Louie Award 2002

Developer of the Year

Retro Studios

“No one expected Metroid Prime to be this good. Hats off to Retro for dealing with the pressure and successfully shutting up the critics (except Dragona).” – Jonathan Metts

“Who would have though that anyone could have made Metroid into a first person game without completely trashing it?” – David Trammell

“You're on crack if you don't hand it to the staff at Retro for cranking out Metroid Prime.” – Ryan Jones

“NOW you can buy import cars and have pool parties once a week. Just don't invite that Jeff guy again."” – Mike Orlando

Runner Up: Nintendo EAD

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