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The Planet GameCube Louie Awards 2002

Game of the Year – GameCube

by the NWR Staff - January 16, 2003, 8:33 pm EST

Our second annual Louie Awards are finally done. See what our staff picked for the best and worst of 2002.

Louie Award 2002

Game of the Year – GameCube

Metroid Prime

“I cannot wait for a sequel to this must-own game for 2002.” – Ryan Jones

“After Mario 64, probably the most impossibly successful 2D to 3D transfer of a series ever.” – Justin Nation

"The boss battles alone are enough reason to buy this game.” – Billy Berghammer

"Retro fought a lot of adversity to make Metroid's first foray into a 3D world as perfect as possible, and fate simply wouldn't be denied.” – Rick Powers

“I maintained an open mind about Metroid Prime even when details were vague, but nothing prepared me for what we received.” – Daniel Bloodworth

“Game of the Year? How about Game of All Time?” – David Trammell

Runner Up: Super Mario Sunshine

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