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More GameCube Price Cuts in the UK

by Karlie Yeung - March 24, 2003, 1:13 pm PST
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Another UK retailer cuts the price of a GameCube with a game.

Another retailer has made a significant reduction to the price of a GameCube console. Last Christmas Argos stores drew attention by cutting the price of all Playstation 2 games to £29.99 (usual price £40 - £45). A GameCube including a game is now available for £80 (around $126). This equates to a 30% decrease from the launch price.

Other recent price drops have included the Dixons Group stores, with the GameCube and a game for £99, and all games reduced to £25. A decision to abandon GameCube sales followed depending on the outcome of the promotion.

Sales of the console in Europe are over 1.5 million since the launch last May. Playstation 2 sales are still far ahead, but it is thought that the sales figures are very similar to those of Xbox in most European countries.


ruby_onixMarch 24, 2003

Just a note, even though this is the second group to cut the GameCube's price on their own accord in Europe, technically the GameCube hasn't even had one official price cut since it's launch in Europe.

It had a 50 Euro price cut before it's 200 Euro (£129) launch, in response to a major 180 Euro price slashing on the XBox (making it's price 300 Euros, or £199).

P.S. The XBox in Europe has also had it's own 50 Euro price cut before last Christmas (making it 250 Euros, or £159), and has been on the leading edge of the newly-reborn idea of giving away free games with the system.

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