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GameCube at GameJam 2

by Michael Cole - March 29, 2002, 11:47 pm PST
Source: Sega of Japan

AM2 reveals two GameCube titles at Sega's GameJam 2 show! Check inside for information on the company's new take on Virtua Fighter!

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Yu Suzuki revealed the information himself at GameJam 2, and thanks to IGN we have the goods in English. Currently planned for 2003, (tentatively titled) 'Virtua Fighter Quest' will hit the GameCube sometime in 2003, marking the 10th anniversary of the VF series. The game will feature every character that has appeared in the Virtua Fighter franchise. Mr. Suzuki explained that the game is an Action-RPG featuring a power meter where players kick with the A-button. He also clarified that it will not be skewed towards a younger audience, contrary to a recent Sega interview which implied differently (regarding a possible VF game).

AM2's president also revealed a GameCube version of their NAOMI 2-based Volleyball game, Beach Spikers. The development team working on the console port will include new features for the console edition such as a training mode, a 4-player versus mode and a world tour mode. The latter is a career mode of sorts and features highly customizable characters along with a level-up system not unlike Camelot's GBC Mario sports titles. Beach Spikers should hopefully be released during the Summer.

To see a video of AM2's presentation, including Beach Spikers footage and Yu Suzuki's presentation (in Japanese), click here. The relevant footage begins around 6:30.

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