Dojo on Delays

by Billy Berghammer - May 20, 1999, 8:14 am PDT
Source: Nintendojo

"D" word? Already?

With all the news that flew out of E3 lately, the guys at Nintendojo take a realistic look at what could really happen with Dolphin's future, and possible release delays.

While Internet reports state that "Dolphin" was shown to selected developers behind closed doors at E3, IBM is not yet finished designing the core of the console. This, according to last night's NGO update. The article says that the ArtX-developed graphics chip isn't completed, either. "Dolphin" is scheduled for release by the holiday season of 2000; But will Nintendo complete the hardware on time?

Nintendo is notorious for delays. It would seem likely that Nintendo would delay the console's release until everything is ready, all the software is perfect, and all the bugs are worked out. Can Nintendo do everything required in the next 18 months? Can they afford to wait until 2001, after the PSX2 is released? Many questions, few answers.

Meanwhile, Nintendo denies that Dolphin was displayed to developers. "It's a complete and utter hoax," said an NOA spokesperson. Quoting Next-Generation Online: "It is clear that if Dolphin demos were shown behind closed doors, they would have to have been performed on a system emulating the finished goods." Just 18 more months to wait on Dolphin! ?

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