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Is Denise Richards "in the Game"?

by Billy Berghammer - November 19, 1999, 8:44 pm EST
Source: Diet Game Online News

I sure freakin hope so!

Hark? Is there another game announcement today? Well, not quite, but there is a good rumor over at Diet Game-Online News. It looks like EA has the rights to the new James Bond movie, The World Is Not Enough. (which I may add, is a pretty good flick!) A Dolphin version of the game a seriously being hinted at. Read on....

Although officially EA is sticking to its "wait and see" policy on next generation consoles, you can bank on a PlayStation2 version, with a Dolphin outing being strongly rumored. Despite the fact certain quarters are under the impression the gaming giant has issued support for Dreamcast, this is not the case. Confirmed so far are "multiple Bond-inspired titles developed for different platforms including the PC and next generation console systems".

"It is with great pleasure that we join forces with EA to build the Bond name into a leading game franchise,'' added David Bishop, President of MGM Interactive. "The Bond license is the longest running and most successful, to date, and we are confident that combining the talent and passion between all parties will result in a line of top-quality interactive entertainment titles that stays true to the Bond world."

Watch this space for an official comment from EA about its next gen console policy.

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