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I Apologize for the Delay

by Billy Berghammer - May 12, 1999, 9:39 pm PDT

Billy proves his SW love

But then again I got tickets! Yes, I was one of the many (dare I say it) Star Wars Geeks out there in the rain (yes it rained on us for a bit...like we cared). Let me warn you...I've had WAY to much coffee today, and I was on a mission like you wouldn't believe, or would be able to comprehend. Some people out there in this world made fun of us all day (my family and friends) but I could give a rats ass. I only had to wait in line for 7 1/2 hours. The troopers out in California (yeah, they are nuts) have been doing it for like 6 weeks. In my case, it also helps to be sort of unemployed right now, but back to the story :)

I got up this morning at 6am. Me and one of my homies (I don't say that much, and promise to never say it again) went to the best theater in Brew Town to get tickets. The Ultra Screen - 70' x 35' (no thx, but fully digital) was there, but they have 4 other regular screens showing the movie at 12:01 on the 19th. Because of city ordinances, no camping was allowed (thank god!), so the line was to begin at 8 am. "Jimmie" (my friend asked for an Alias) and I got there around 7:15am and there was already a police line, and about 60-90 people waiting. What my friend and I noticed was there was a fair amount of people out there who weren't even alive during when Star Wars was originally released in the theater (which I am proud to say I saw it with my father). Anybody hardcore enough to be out there all day was a true Jedi Knight as far as I am concerned. The weather blew...It was totally sh**ty out and about to rain. At 8am they dropped the police lines and let us move up to the theater's sidewalk. At the precise moment we stopped at where we were going to sit for the next 6 hours, this guy popped in the Phantom Menace soundtrack and cranked it. It was a classic moment. We all laughed, and looked at our watches, and sighed. Those six hours will be something I will never forget. Not only did some guy throw me free Phantom Menace candy, but we did get free burgers (thanks to the CHANCERY!) though, with a very cool message on the wrapper...

Billy's wrapper

I think that really helped keep us all going. In the end, it was all worth it. Not only did we score tickets to the midnight showing at a sweet ass theater. But we were apart of history. The funny thing is, is that they printed the date wrong. Oh well...tickets are still good! I have tickets to opening show, and two other shows (all at the bad ass theater). You may think that it's sick...but I will see it again.


I was praying that there wouldn't be any big news out there. I should've known...the SH*T would hit the fan today. Specs are announced!!! Good timing! Typical :) . But as you will read, today was an exceptional day! Okay...enough of me babbling...

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