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Final Season Of The Walking Dead To Launch On Switch Later This Year

by Donald Theriault - June 6, 2018, 8:00 am PDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Telltale Games

The twisted tale of Clementine will be here soon.

At least one season of one of the most critically acclaimed adventure series of the decade will play out on Switch before the end of 2018.

Telltale Games has confirmed that The Walking Dead: The Final Season will come to Switch "later this year". Previous Telltale Switch releases have released in complete packages, such as Minecraft: Story Mode and the Telltale Batman series, as opposed to their normal episodic model.

The first "season" of Walking Dead released in 2012 and won multiple Game of the Year awards. The first two seasons were rumored for a Wii U release in 2015 but those plans never materialized.


ShyGuyJune 06, 2018

Glad it's the final season, they needed to end this TV show four years ago. Wait, this is the videogame?

nickmitchJune 06, 2018

It'd be nice to get the full series.  I haven't played any of them.  Do they follow closer to the comics or the show?

SundoulosJune 08, 2018

Neither.  It has cameos from a couple of characters and references to events from the comics, but it's mostly it's own thing with it's own set of characters and story.

I haven't played the third season, but the first was considered pretty great and probably did more to contribute to Telltale's success than any of their previous projects.  The second season wasn't quite as good, but was still worth checking out.  I didn't check out the third series in it's entirety.

nickmitchJune 08, 2018

Oh, ok.  That sounds pretty cool.  I always thought the concept was good enough to warrant more storytelling in that world.

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