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Nintendo Direct To Air March 8

by Donald Theriault - March 7, 2018, 6:07 am PST
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It'll be Aces.

The next Direct has been announced, and no Chibi Robos were set on fire in the process.

A Direct with Switch and 3DS announcements will air tomorrow (March 8) at 5 p.m. Eastern time (2 p.m. Pacific, 10 p.m. UK time). According to the Nintendo of America announcement, the Direct will be approximately 30 minutes long.


AdrockMarch 07, 2018

Managing my expectations.

If I wasn’t, come on Super Mario Maker 2!

nickmitchMarch 07, 2018

So little time to speculate!

MP4? Pikmin? GC VC? Captain Rainbow Switch port?

AdrockMarch 07, 2018

Realistically: Diablo III, The Wind Waker HD

Possibly: Super Smash Bros., Switch Virtual Console, Dragon Ball FighterZ

LOL, no: Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III isn't coming until the Switch 3, so that's a definite no.

nickmitchMarch 07, 2018

Can't delay what you don't announce, ;)

Maybe a Monster Hunter game?

TOPHATANT123March 07, 2018

Whoa nice, not sure what to expect but looking forward to it.

Also 3DS has some life in it yet apparently.

OedoMarch 07, 2018

Fire Emblem Switch and more Yoshi Switch seem like safe bets on the Switch side. I think there's a reasonable chance that Nintendo at least announces one of their big games for the second half of the year too (I'm guessing Smash Bros., but Animal Crossing could make sense too), but they could also do that in a smaller Nintendo Direct sometime later, so I'm not getting my hopes up too high on that front. Regardless, even getting a trailer and possibly gameplay for Fire Emblem Switch would make this a super exciting Nintendo Direct for me.

Ian SaneMarch 07, 2018

I'm curious about the 3DS announcement.  That little machine is like some old car that just keeps on going.

Though I wonder if maybe Nintendo isn't quite sure if the Switch is a suitable replacement for their handheld line or not so they keep the 3DS around until they feel confident in making that decision.

OedoMarch 07, 2018

I'd be surprised if we got any significant 3DS announcements from Nintendo. I think they're pretty much done with both internally developed 3DS games and big collaborative efforts with third party developers. The biggest selling points for the system at this point are its existing library of amazing games and its price point, and 3DS software sales have been trending down, so I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense for them to keep devoting resources to new 3DS games. But hey, who knows. If they decide to keep bringing good games to the platform, I'll keep playing them.

More generally, one notable 3DS announcement I can think of is the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI coming to the West. We still don't know anything regarding platforms for the Western release (despite it being announced many months ago at this point). It would be nice if we got some information on the Switch version too.

Evan_BMarch 07, 2018

There are some curious rumors floating around about the content of the Direct, ranging from Luigi's Mansion DLC for Odyssey, to an Unreal Engine 4 remake of Ever Oasis.

Oh, and some crappy series called Fire Emblem coming to Switch.

nickmitchMarch 07, 2018

There's another rumor floating around about the South Park games coming to Switch.

Edit: Never mind. That rumor was based on a tweet from South Park about an old episode and they denied TFBW coming to Switch.

BeautifulShyMarch 07, 2018

I am not really expecting much but I am going to guess that it will be more focused on the Switch as far as news goes. 

They might have a last wave of 3DS games as the system has been out for a while.

By the way does everyone hop on Discord during the Directs to chat?

LemonadeMarch 07, 2018

I just want a release date for Sushi Striker

MASBMarch 07, 2018

I wonder if there will be any more Nintendo Arcade Archives announcements. If they continue to release onky one a quarter, they'll be finished sometime next decade. :p

KhushrenadaMarch 08, 2018

Quote from: BeautifulShy

By the way does everyone hop on Discord during the Directs to chat?

Yeah, it's probably the go-to place now. When the first Switch event happened in Jan. 2017, Discord wasn't up so a large contingent met in the old NWR Chat and I thought it was a blast to have so many users together and commenting away like that both before the show and after. During the show was more trying because I wanted to focus on what was being shown yet still trying to keep up with the comments. I wish I had saved a transcript of it all because it deserved to be enshrined on these forums.

However, a few months later, the NWR Discord channel was created and it appears the NWR Chat is pretty much out of use and favor. The last couple Directs had people commenting away in there although it was limited but that's because the Directs have usually been much earlier in the day when people are working. This one is a bit later in the day so it has a chance for more turnout. Since NWR Chat isn't really promoted anymore (not that it has been since Live Trivia Nights pretty much ended years ago), I expect all the action to really take place on Discord. Maybe the community is divided in posting on the forums and in Discord with a select few-old schoolers going to chat but if you are looking for instant feedback and comments, Discord will probably be the best way to go and I'm going to try and show up there myself this time if I can make the time work since this has the potential for more participation.

If NWR Chat is over, well, then I'm glad it got a super blow-out party with the first Switch presentation because it's almost like it went out at the top of its game.

KhushrenadaMarch 08, 2018

Also, I'm totally up for some late 3DS surprises. I know a lot of people just want everything on Switch these days but the 3DS still gives Nintendo a platform to release games that sort of fall in between large console titles and small eShop titles both in size and price. They have a bit more meat on them but don't take as long to develop nor have as much cost to create graphically. (Plus, I still love 3D effect gaming.) However, with companies starting to port not just 3DS but also DS games (The World Ends With You) to the Switch, it may be that Nintendo will also decide that it just isn't worth supporting the 3DS anymore as well. Lord knows Kirby's been really trying to finally kill off the system for a good year now.

Still, the mention of a Dragon Quest XI release has potential. But I'm going to throw out a couple other dream requests. Perhaps Capcom will finally release Ace Attorney Investigations 2 for the West or even the Early Victorian Sherlock Holmes Ace Attorney match-up (because Holmes is public domain so screw any descendants who think they can sue for copyright infringement). Of course, if they want to completely shock with an Ace Attorney 7, I will also accept that as well. Even though Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash and Photo Finder probably had less than stellar sales, I'd still like to see a port of the Chibi-Robo 3 (which could be done through the eShop) since it always looked the closest in nature to the original game. Plus, maybe Nintendo could add some kind of Amiibo content to the port and give those Chibi-Robo Amiibo's some extra use / value to get people to pick up all those copies of Zip Lash still languishing on store shelves. In a really off the beaten path port wish, let's also throw out the idea of Touch Detective 3 being released for 3DS in NA. For the confusion, rage and possible excitement it could bring, I would so love to see Nintendo announce a new 3D F-Zero for the 3DS. Why not the Switch? Who knows. It would just be a perfect Nintendo decision / moment.

Although to get really crazy, perhaps a Super Mario World 3 for 3DS. Switch has Mario Kart 8 and Mario Odyssey already. It's got Mario Tennis and I suppose they could always do a Mario Party for end of the year when it traditionally releases a Party game but do you really see Nintendo releasing a Mario 2D game for the Switch this year except for Super Mario Maker 2? Nintendo really hasn't released a major Mario game for 3DS since NSMB2 aside from a bunch of party and sports games. If you want to count the Mario & Luigi series then fine there have been a lot of Mario games still getting released for the system. Unless Nintendo is fine letting the Mario series go fallow again aside from the lesser sports spin-offs then the idea of releasing a Mario 2D platformer for 3DS might be a good bet since it's been a long time, has a huge userbase that would buy it (NSMB2 is still racking up sales) and seems like a great way to send off the system while also showing that the NSMB moniker is dead to get people excited for a Switch 2D platformer if they want to release on there in another year or two.

Of course, maybe Nintendo could announce the Lady Layton game we all expected the first time they announced that title.


Then it would be the BEST. DIRECT. EVER.

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