Bob Ross Game Coming to DS and Revolution

by Jon Lindemann - March 31, 2006, 12:35 pm PST
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Soon, you too will be able to make Happy Trees alongside the painting legend.

It may seem like an early April Fool's joke, but PGC has confirmed the announcement with both the developer, AGFRAG, and the late Bob Ross's production company. Keep in mind that the platforms are not finalized because the game does not yet have a publisher, but details of the publishing agreement and target platforms are expected at E3 in May.

In Production - Bob Ross Video Game

Bob Ross Inc. has announced in March 2006 that they have filed a letter of intent to license to Joseph Hatcher's AGFRAG Entertainment Group to develop exclusively worldwide video/computer games based on Bob Ross' creative, unique and easy to learn painting techniques and TV show properties.

The Bob Ross video game, currently untitled, is planned to be developed for PC, the Nintendo DS handheld & on Nintendo's next-gen system coming later this year, code named Revolution. Release date was not announced. AGFRAG is currently seeking a publisher.

AGFRAG's Director of Development, Joseph Hatcher, has this to say about the announcement:

"I grew up watching Bob Ross on PBS and was always in awe of how quickly and smoothly he made these beautiful paintings, which helped inspire my creativity. There are generations that know Bob Ross and his painting techniques, and I want to share his talent with future generations in a new medium.

The Bob Ross game will utilize the unique inputs that the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Revolution have that can truly immerse the players while they learn to paint like Bob Ross and can play the addictive and fun games that we have planned for the title. I believe that Bob Ross Inc's and AGFRAG Entertainment Group's similar beliefs in independence, creativity, and teaching others will benefit how the game is developed and how the players of all ages will be able to enjoy this game.

I want the community to share with us their favorite Bob Ross shows, painting techniques, and what they’d like to see in the NDS and Revolution games. We want to keep the brush going."

The Joy of Painting is seen on nearly 300 public television stations throughout the United States, and is broadcast in Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Costa Rica, Canada, Colombia, Iran, Greece and others.


decoymanMarch 31, 2006

Ha! Awesome! I bet when they first started coming up with this idea, it was just for the DS version.. but then the ghost of Bob Ross whispered in someone's ear, "Let's give him a friend," and thus, the Revolution version was born.

Hostile CreationMarch 31, 2006

Killer app.

TanookisuitMarch 31, 2006

My favorite TV show and my favorite videogame systems meeting? AMAZING.

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorMarch 31, 2006


DarkheartMarch 31, 2006

LOL I love this, its an art majors dream!

LouieturkeyMarch 31, 2006

Oh boy, two systems worth of happy trees. I can't wait to see how these sell.

PolyethyleneMarch 31, 2006

April fool's ?

Guitar SmasherMarch 31, 2006

If this is an April fool's joke, then I'm starting my own dev team and making it a reality. Yeah, the game probably won't sell, but I still think the idea's amazing.

joshnickersonMarch 31, 2006

I will buy this. It's just too bizarre and weird NOT to have. (Like Chibi Robo)

KirbySStarMarch 31, 2006

It's on the bobross website as well so looks like if they find a publisher we'll get to play this game. =)


BranDonk KongMarch 31, 2006

That is completely awesome. Happy little trees for everyone! Is that a mountain I see?!!

Could it not only be an April Fool's joke, but PGC's confirmation of it ALSO an April Fool's joke?

~Carmine M. Red

Nile BoogieMarch 31, 2006

I beg for this game. It needs me and I need It. Joke ha ha sure few laughs... no I really want this game. More so than Mario Paint DS.

Guitar SmasherMarch 31, 2006

"Could it not only be an April Fool's joke, but PGC's confirmation of it ALSO an April Fool's joke?"

I don't know, that's pretty complex. The government must be involved too...


wanderingMarch 31, 2006

A Bob Ross game? Ahaha. Awesome.

Will Bob Ross actually be a part of the game though? And if so, how? Will they have a voice imitator, or use clips from the show?

We thought it was a joke at first too, but we confirmed it with multiple sources. This one was too crazy to not do our homework on.

BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusApril 01, 2006

It will be interesting to see how this would work with a Revolution controller. The depth perception of the controller could possibly be used to determine the pressure of the strokes.

SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusApril 01, 2006

I'm betting on a fully polygonal Bob Ross (better yet, animated sprites!) that introduces each "level."

jasonditzApril 01, 2006

I wonder what Bob would look like Cel Shaded...

Well, I've taken the plunge...

I joined the BobRossGame Yahoo Group and just posted some suggestions/comments there!

~Carmine M. Red

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