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It's Dark Void Zero all over again! What an awesome deal, if the games are as great as we all hope.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 395: Freaking CEOs
« on: Today at 10:22:18 AM »
Ya-hey, la da da da

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 395: Freaking CEOs
« on: Today at 07:20:19 AM »
As you might guess, I've learned to deal with the easy jokes.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 395: Freaking CEOs
« on: August 18, 2014, 10:04:03 PM »
It's where I live. Actually, I priced out flights for each of us to meet up in each of the four home city, and mine was tied for lowest total airfares with James's city. Since my area is more of a destination in general, i.e. a lot of people would like to visit Colorado some day for various reasons, I volunteered to host. Also, I know that my apartment is large enough to host us comfortably, so I felt this choice would also let us avoid hotel costs. Finally, having done a Crosstawk "Cross-Con" here last year, I knew that a weekend in my city would probably be agreeable for all involved, myself included. It's just an awesome place to be with friends.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 395: Freaking CEOs
« on: August 17, 2014, 01:24:00 AM »

Hear our early reactions to the funding success, plus lots of discussion about Nintendo games, Sega games, classic games, Japanese indie games, and massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

Last week we announced the RFN 400 campaign, and this week we're already celebrating its success. This show opens with a few minutes of basking in the generosity of our listeners, as well as more info about what happens next. Then, we get an unusual start to New Business with a conversation that starts as Guillaume's wrap-up thoughts on the book Console Wars. That quickly evolves into our own angles on how Sega performed in the 90s, leading to several minutes of what Jonny calls "Radio Free Sega".

Gui brings it back to Nintendo with his long-awaited (and surprising!) impressions of Rayman Legends on Wii U. The next topic comes from Jon, and that's Cybernator (SNES) on Virtual Console. This one may not be a classic, but it's a rather interesting example of that generation's mech sidescroller fad. That provides a lovely segue to James, who's got the modern equivalent in Armored Hunter GUNHOUND EX and also checks out flashy, zany new shoot-em-up Astebreed, both from the lesser known Japanese indie scene. New Business finally concludes with Jonny's further exploration of The Mysterious Murasame Castle, plus his first real exposure to the MMORPG thing with an outsider's perspective on the first several hours of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

The remainder of the show is Listener Mail, and the two selections for this week include a look back at Link Between Worlds, how to control (or at least live with) your game backlog, and what bizarre franchise crossover is coming next. Please keep the great emails coming, and start getting excited for an awesome Episode 400!

TalkBack / Re: RFN 400: The Campaign
« on: August 13, 2014, 10:00:56 PM »
This week has been overwhelming and, well I guess the word is gratifying. Thank you so much. We're going to say it a lot more times.

Currently, we are VERY close to fully funded, at which time I am closing the campaign because it's not open-ended. There are no stretch goals. If you would like a reward, please don't wait to donate (or increase your donation -- we'll total then up!).

TalkBack / Re: RFN 400: The Campaign
« on: August 11, 2014, 06:33:29 AM »
Ah thanks for catching that oversight, Ceric! The $2000 was a placeholder while I crunched the numbers, and then I forgot to update it with the estimated total. Luckily, it appears GoFundMe allows for revising that goal.

TalkBack / Re: RFN 400: The Campaign
« on: August 10, 2014, 05:19:39 PM »
Greg ain't the travelin' type, but I will certainly invite him to call in with us. Other friends, too!

As for a deadline, we don't have to set one with GoFundMe, so I decided to keep that flexibility. However, we are naturally constrained by the projected recording date and the inevitable rise of airfares. I hope we will be able to book travel in the next couple of weeks or so. We could withdraw donations without closing the campaign, which might let us proceed with the most urgent costs even if the target hasn't quite been reached yet. Again, the general idea is to do as much as we can with the money that is donated, so we can cut back on some of the plans if funding doesn't go all the way. Travel is the top priority, since I believe it will be the greatest impact on the anniversary episode's quality and form.

TalkBack / RFN 400: The Campaign
« on: August 10, 2014, 04:15:00 AM »

It's time! We are gearing up for a very special episode of Radio Free Nintendo. Learn about all our plans and how you can help make it real!


Unbelievable! You funded RFN 400 in less than four days, and our campaign is over so soon. But the work and fun have just started, as we now get to make all the arrangements and go into detailed planning of all the stupid fun we're going to have while making Episode 400 for you. THANK YOU TIMES INFINITY! Now, two things you might be wondering about...

1. We know this all happened very fast (way beyond our expectations), and some of you missed a chance to donate while the campaign was open. Maybe you got excited for one of the rewards mentioned on the show, only to get here and find them all taken. We are asking that you hold off until Nintendo World Report's 5th Annual Telethon for Child's Play and donate instead to that great charity. Also, we'll consider options to bring these reward tiers (or something similar) to the telethon so that you have a second chance at them.

2. If you did already donate to RFN 400, please be patient as we sort through the process of contacting everyone for details on the rewards, including the name you want to be read on the show (all donors). This may take a few weeks to complete, but our goal is to redeem all donor rewards by the milestone show itself, or very soon after. There's a lot to do, but since many rewards directly influence what happens on Episode 400, these are our immediate priority.

Okay, enough business... Back to celebrating! Thank you again so much, and please look forward to our most ambitious podcast ever!

Original Post:

Hi there. If you made it this far, you must be a pretty big fan of the Radio Free Nintendo podcast. You may even recognize some of us in that goofy photo up there. It had to be chopped together because, frankly, we don't have many pictures of the current RFN crew hanging out. It hasn't happened since March 2012, and that was even slightly before Guillaume officially joined the show. So we think getting together in person would be a spectacular way to enhance and celebrate Episode 400.

Not all of our listeners may realize that we are an intrinsic part of Nintendo World Report, one of the longest-running, all-volunteer video game websites in existence. NWR provides hosting, exposure, credibility, guests, and everything else we need to make RFN for you every week. We are part of them; they are us. However, as a tiny independent website, NWR doesn't have a budget to spend on things like deluxe anniversary podcast events. So, we are asking for your help to make the 400th episode of Radio Free Nintendo extra special! Here are the important points:

- We'll do our best on Ep. 400 NO MATTER WHAT, regardless of funding status. But without funding, it may be produced more like a normal episode.

- ALL content we produce for RFN 400 will be available to EVERYONE, whether they donated or not.

- The main objective here is to get the four guys (Jonny, Guillaume, James, and Jon) together for a weekend of special podcasting. Since we all live far apart, this is a bit expensive, but we really think it will make our special anniversary a lot better for the listeners (and honestly, it would be way more fun for us). The majority of funding will go to travel costs and production costs for in-person activities that will be part of Episode 400.

- This is not a simple vacation for the podcast crew, and we aren't asking anyone to reward us for past work. The main focus of the weekend will be to create awesome, funny RFN content. Being together in person, especially outside the chaos of an event like E3 or PAX, will help us to do that. Your donations will directly help us to make Episode 400 way more special. That's it!

- Our budget includes line items for things like video and studio time. These aren't the main reasons for the gathering, but our planning showed that we could add these elements for minimal cost and get a lot of exciting, enhanced content from them. However, they only make sense (logistically) once we are all together in person.

- To simplify the campaign and focus on producing content that everyone can enjoy, we have chosen to limit the number of physical rewards. However, there are other, non-physical rewards that offer special influence over the RFN 400 weekend's activities (and content of the show itself).

- This is not an open-ended campaign. We have a budget (detailed below) and will manually end fundraising if and when the goal has been reached. Any excess funding accrued before we can close the campaign will be held as margin for unexpected travel costs, and if not needed for that purpose, will be used to offset operating costs of our home website, Nintendo World Report (supporting the all-volunteer staff).

- Because our costs must be estimated in advance, it is also possible that our funding goal will be met, only to find that the funds do not fully cover our expenses for RFN 400. In that case, we'll gladly cover the remainder out of pocket.

- Whether you can donate a lot, a little, or nothing, we truly appreciate your attention, interest, and feedback on Radio Free Nintendo!

Budget Outline (all estimates):

Jon's Flight: $350
James's Flight: $300
Guillaume's Flight: $500
Lodging (FREE at Jonny's place): $0
Simple, Portable Video Camera (e.g. GoPro): $300
Local Recording Studio (average quote for 3 hours): $150
Commission for a Brand New, Original RFN Song: $100
MiniRetroActive Reward Games/Controllers: $300
Kusoge Rewards/Shipping: $300
Subtotal: $2300
Donation Service Fees: 8% = $184

That's it! We think it's a transparent plan and an achievable target. Please help if you can -- and THANK YOU again for listening and participating in the show. That is the greatest support you can ever send to RFN!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 394: Slippy When Wet
« on: August 10, 2014, 03:46:58 AM »

Yep, that's the joke. That's all it was. Sorry to keep you in suspense.

We're back for another action-packed episode of RFN! First up is New Business, in which Jonny tries Puzzle League Express (another from DSiWare!) and the first few minutes of Virtual Console import Mysterious Murasame Castle, just out in America for the first time ever. Jon checks into Super Mario Kart, the latest big upgrade for Wii U Virtual Console, he also falls deep into the Resogun hole with his brand new PS4. James defies his own instincts to try Dillon's Rolling Western and... you can guess the rest. Guillaume completes the segment with a trio of classics(?): NES Baseball, Donkey Kong Jr., and Iwata's own Vegas Stakes.

Instead of Now Playing, this week's interlude is a special kick-off to our campaign for RFN 400. Hopefully we said something that sounds appealing, and if so, please read more about it and consider donating at the GoFundMe campaign page. We are so excited about this opportunity and can't wait to see how the experiment goes!

Getting back to the show, it's time for Listener Mail. This week's batch covers our hopes/dream/fears for the new Star Fox game on Wii U, plus a bit of discussion on the book Console Wars and its 16-bit subject matter, and then we top it off with some additional thoughts on practical issues (and solutions!) for a digital-only handheld system. Won't you send in a great email like the ones on this episode?

Once more, the funding campaign for RFN 400 has way more details about our plans for the upcoming anniversary and the ways you can be involved and support the show's next big milestone. Please check it out if you like what we do!

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 393: Tower of Drillaga
« on: August 06, 2014, 10:01:52 AM »
We probably won't attempt one before 400, due to all the other planning that I have to do right now. However, there will be a special version of RetroActive on 400 (if all goes according to plan) and we should try to do. Normal one soon after that.

TalkBack / Re: Dragon Fantasy Book I Coming to 3DS eShop
« on: August 05, 2014, 05:46:26 PM »
These sound like great improvements. I enjoyed the Vita version somewhat, but there were a lot of things in need of refinement, especially the battle frequency and repetition. Allies should make it a lot more interesting and strategic, as well.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 392: Xenodachi Life
« on: July 30, 2014, 07:10:42 AM »
You're just stretching them out with too many big handhelds.

TalkBack / Re: The Swapper Coming to Wii U This November
« on: July 27, 2014, 08:57:22 AM »
I've played some of this game on Steam, and it should be a great addition for Wii U. The game is dripping with atmospheric style, and the puzzles are very clever.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 392: Xenodachi Life
« on: July 27, 2014, 01:45:14 AM »

Hear about the games we're playing this summer, then hear our thoughts on summer gaming in general. Plus: is it time for a 3DS upgrade?

Jonny returns to hosting duties for this episode, and it starts with yet another weird package of New Business from your RFN crew. Your intrepid host begins with his Club Nintendo Gold Reward, the arrestingly mediocre Donkey Kong 3. After that vacuum of excitement, Jonny had to bounce in full reverse to the overly extreme Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (super-solid Wii U version). Guillaume brings words of caution over Mr. Driller 2's debut on Virtual Console, and he also checks in with the curiously durable Tomodachi Life and not-bad-for-zero-dollars Game & Wario. Lindy works his MMO-splainin' magicks on Final Fantasy XIV, which is the first of its kind to snare in skeptical Jonny. Rounding up all the business that is new, James revisits a childhood favorite(?), Bases Loaded. Turns out, this may be the least enjoyable NES baseball game.

Under the fold, we have a mini-feature discussion on summer gaming. How do the hotter, more relaxed months affect our video game tastes and habits? Turns out, gaming may be much less seasonal upon reaching adulthood. The brief feature topic allowed enough time for one email this week, and it's a familiar query. What's next for the 3DS platform? It's our first time addressing the issue since E3 and the Wii U's upgrade to greener pastures over the last couple of months. The team is definitely divided on this one!

Please keep up the great emails by sending in your own questions, comments, and ideas to the Radio Free Nintendo dudes. Also, be sure to check out Jonny's recent guest spot on the much-loved Player One Podcast. We'll try to get them on RFN soon, too!

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 391: Like Crabs in a Bucket
« on: July 22, 2014, 08:40:10 AM »
Not sure I've played the original, but it sounds very similar to Midway's Super Off-Road, which can be found on the Midway Arcade Treasures collections for various recent systems.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 391: Like Crabs in a Bucket
« on: July 20, 2014, 10:04:00 AM »

After doing this for years you would think everyone would have built up a camaraderie, but in the end everyone's just trying to be the first to escape.

As Jonny raced home from the airport, the SS Radio Free Nintendo pulled out of harbor with Captain James at the helm. Joined by First Mate Gui and Cabin Boy Jon, they managed to safely traverse the dangerous seas of New Business. James continues his voyage into the legal system with the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and then pulls into the familiar waters of the Wind Waker HD. Guillaume then charts a course for Herc's Adventure, a follow-up from the creator of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Game & Wario, his free Club Nintendo Platinum reward. Finally, Jon looks at the rather limited selection of the Club Nintendo Gold Rewards before talking us into the halls of Super Castlevania IV.

After the break the seas get a bit rougher for our brave crew. An examination of Nintendo's recent patent filings is followed by a spirited discussion of which Nintendo executive is the biggest "beefcake." The crew reenters the stable seas with questions about our love of Nintendo and Summer Games Done Quick. Finally, for our last email, the intrepid ship is boarded by Dr. Jonathan Metts - just in time for a discussion on how to make podcast conversation sound organic.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 390: Internal Swords
« on: July 16, 2014, 09:22:51 PM »
James and I have both played The Last Story to completion and are big fans. It was my #1 game of that year!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 390: Internal Swords
« on: July 13, 2014, 05:41:09 AM »

We want to tell you about a handful of Nintendo games!

First, the bad news: we recorded a short episode this week. It's just how things worked out. On the other hand, we have a really nice array of New Business games, and in an uncommon coincidence even for our show, this lineup is all Nintendo games. (Check the related content links on the right sidebar to follow up on each one.) You even get more in-depth Xenoblade flattery, and it's not even the same guy as last week! So, please enjoy our weekly impressions, and send an email about which games and topics you'd like to hear on upcoming shows!

TalkBack / Re: Sega Producer: No Plans for Wii U Virtual Console
« on: July 12, 2014, 08:15:28 PM »
Too bad, as there are quite a few good GBA titles from Sega that would be worth releasing on Wii U Virtual Console (and eventually to 3DS, I hope). Same goes for their DS lineup, whenever that finally launches outside Japan.

TalkBack / Re: Japanese Nintendo Direct Coming July 11
« on: July 10, 2014, 07:05:30 PM »
Third-party 3DS, eh? So probably won't be an American version for this one.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 389: Best Practices
« on: July 10, 2014, 04:08:04 PM »
Oh, and I want to say to everyone who has written nice things about the show, my colleagues, or me -- thank you. It means a lot more than you realize. And to anyone who has criticized us -- thank you too. It can be very helpful, and I appreciate that you care enough to say something when you're not happy with the show.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 389: Best Practices
« on: July 10, 2014, 04:00:58 PM »
Not your fault! We chose to read it on the show. It was a good question and a worthy topic. Lately, I've been drawn more to potentially controversial emails on the show because I like jumping into a conversation when I don't know where it will go.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 389: Best Practices
« on: July 10, 2014, 02:12:51 PM »
I'll sign that petition!

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 389: Best Practices
« on: July 10, 2014, 12:34:47 PM »
Text message I sent to a friend recently:

"Past couple years I've realized that people see me as professorial no matter what I do, and I might as well use it. Hopefully don't come across as a know it all most of the time"

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