Planet GameCube E3 Awards 2005

Best RPG/Strategy Game

by the NWR Staff - June 2, 2005, 10:04 pm PDT

E3 2005 Award (no border)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

What a difference a year makes. At the 2004 E3 expo, many people were writing off this game as a simple GameCube recreation of the GBA masterpiece, especially with the early graphics shown on video at the time. Well, now people have had a chance to play the game, and boy do they like it. It may not be the easiest game to play at a place as noisy as E3, but Fire Emblem was able to shine right through the din of the show and come out on top. The improved graphics sure helped a lot (especially those awesome new cut-scenes), but the rock-solid tactical gameplay is what puts Fire Emblem on the top of "must buy" lists for gamers across the country.

"Fire Emblem has been a celebrated series in Japan, and now, with the GBA incarnations, the U.S. as well. Appearing for the first time on consoles since the Super Nintendo, Path of Radiance looks like a strong addition to the GameCube's miniature catalogue of RPGs." - Karl Castaneda

"A beautiful game that fans of the series will adore. The breathtaking cel-shaded FMV is worth the price of admission alone." - Jonathan Lindemann

" This is just barely behind Zelda on my must-buy list this year." - Daniel Bloodworth

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