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Advance WARS Guide

It's WAR!

by the NWR Staff - November 26, 2001, 12:28 am PST

Time to hit the trail and bring CO Olaf to justice (or at least humiliate him)! Make Orange Star proud!

Finally! This is the main part of Advance WARS' single player game. The campaign can be tricky at times and it's the main reason we started the guide in the first place. Hopefully you were a good study under Nell: you're going to need all the information she so kindly gave you.

Mission:It's WAR!
Difficulty:Very Easy
Ideal CO:Andy
Enemy CO:Olaf

Strategy:This is where you're introduced to CO Andy. He's a smart kid but doesn't seem to know much about Army regulations or WARS lore. Not that it's a problem: you've been assigned as his advisor and he's happy for the help.

Now as for strategy... Most of this is common sense. Send your Md Tank east to destroy the Tank on the road. Send some of your other units with it. Be careful to stay out of the enemy's Rocket range. One of your Mechs should take that APC to join up with the Md Tank so that you can secure the Neutral cities there. Your first goal should be to eliminate the Rocket and Artillery units nearby. They're a pain to deal with and the sooner they're destroyed the easier the map gets. Use your Md Tank to get rid of the Rocket in one hit. To the north, send a bunch of Infantry to capture the cities up there. The Tank, A-Air and Artillery stationed near there should be enough back-up to secure the entire Area.

Use caution when Olaf uses Blizzard; if you make a couple of errors it can completely turn the tables on you. Remember that his units are completely unaffected in movement in the snow and that they're also stronger in both firepower and defense. It can be really nasty if you're caught out unprepared.

After you've taken care of most of the front-line forces, your next major task is to destroy Olaf's Md Tank unit. Try and lure it into your Md Tank range first and some Artillery fire is nice as well. You'll notice that there's another Rocket Unit up by the Blue Moon HQ. Make sure to remember about its range! As soon as the Md Tank is gone, you'll have few problems mopping up the remaining enemy forces.

Ideal CO:Andy
Enemy CO:Grit

Strategy:This is the first mission where you fight Grit. Get used to it, you'll be meeting up with him quite a bit for the next few missions. If you recall his CO Profile, Grit's specialty is his long-range attacks. If you want some proof, just hit B over any of his Rocket/Artillery units. Look at his attack range! Insane! Another thing that might be new to you is the Factories you've been given to use. Don't spend too much early on in the mission…

Your first order of business is to obliterate that Artillery unit sitting on the road to the east. There's only a Tank unit in the vicinity. Place the Tank unit on the road, just outside of the Artillery's range. This will help block attacks on that flank, as the Mountains will prevent any vehicular movement.

However, your first main assault should be to send a battalion of Infantry units North across the river so that you might capture the multitude of Neutral cities therein. This is the most vital part to this mission. Once you've gotten those cities under your control, you'll be able to pump out a fleet of powerful Md Tanks to crush Grit's many indirect combat units. Remember, his CO power will increase his range even further, so when his power meter fills up, pull your troops back a bit.

After that turn, swoop in for the kill. All Indirect combat units are extremely weak against hand-to-hand fighting. By now you should have a sizable force of both Tank and Md Tanks. Go forth and crush him! CRUSH HIM!!!

Mission:Air Ace!
Ideal CO:Andy
Enemy CO:Eagle

Strategy:Ah, time to meet Eagle, kiddies. He can be one nasty mofo, especially once he's charged his CO power. Contrary to what both the manual and the in-game Intel file says, all of Eagle's non-Infantry units get a second turn; whether they were ordered to fight or not! This can be extremely bad for you, as Bombers and Fighters already have a gigantic field of movement.

The simplest way to complete this map is to take out Eagle's Air units and send a T-Copter to his HQ. However that's easier said than done. His Fighters can easily decimate what little air units you have. The best idea is to try and get rid his flying fleet as quickly as possible.

First off, you'll want to destroy that B-Copter unit of his which is waiting for you near the bridge just east of you. Just bring up your A-Air unit and blast it into a fine green mist. You can then have your Md Tank move up and obliterate the little Tank just sitting on the road nearby. Next, have your B-Copter swoop down from the heavens to finish the little bugger off. Be absolutely sure you move your Missile unit up as far as it can go. You're going to need it in the next round. At this point, move more ground units over the bridge creating a horizontal line of units. Now load an infantry onto your T-Copter and move it under this line. Be sure to move the second Anti-Air unit on the right side of the Copter, and seal off the left side of the line by loading up the APC with an infantry and dropping the Infantry off to the left of the T-Copter. If the bridge is full of units like is should be, then the T-Copter will be protected from attacks for the next round.

After Eagle completes his turn, have your Missile unit fire upon the B-Copter that just came into range. That will leave your two A-Air units free to take on those pesky Fighter units. You should be able to damage them both to about 4HP. You might notice Eagle's units taking a Factory just north of you, don't worry about it. He'll never get a chance to do much with it anyway. By the next turn you should only have his Bomber left flying. You may have to lure it towards you by using one of your units as bait. If you do this, be sure to have your Anti-Air units with striking range to take swift vengeance upon the bomber. If there are any enemy units around that can damage your T-Copter, be sure to keep it surrounded by other units (you should only need 3 units if you use the lower “black wall” of the map.

Once you have all of the enemies Fighters and Battle Copters taken out, it’s time to finish the map. Have your T-Copter finish its flight towards the Green Earth HQ, and bring along any air units you still have for protection. The next part requires exact placement of your units, so pay attention. Do not proceed until the enemy’s bomber is destroyed! Now, move your T-Copter exactly one space above the enemy HQ and drop of the infantry unit on top of the HQ. A nearby enemy Tank will move in and begin attacking your T-Copter. Be sure that you don’t move the T-Copter! Leave it parked there to protect your infantry, and you’ll have the HQ captured before the Tank can destroy the Copter. If you have a Battle Copter left, you can try destroying the Tank just for fun. With a little refinement, this strategy can easily get you an S-Rank.

Mission:Max Strikes!
Difficulty:Smashy smashy! Euh… er… Extremely Easy
Ideal CO:Max
Enemy CO:Olaf

Strategy:This is the first mission where you can choose between two different COs. Since Max and Andy have two different maps for this mission, we'll deal with them in separate mission logs. In this one, we'll use Max, as it's the easier of the two maps. Also, you need to use Max this mission to be able to unlock Grit. If you're playing through the game again however, Andy's map is a nice diversion.

Anyway, this is the perfect map for Max to shine. Lots and lots of Tanks and little to no ground to cover. His Rocket and Artillery units can be used as meager support but you aren't going to need them. Make sure you have both of your Sub units dive in the first round. That way Olaf can't even think of hitting you, as he has no Cruisers!

Max will be itching to move that Md Tank to take on the Blue Moon one that is sitting on the road. Indulge him, you'll love the results. You should also have your Tanks completely 0w|\|z02 Olaf's counterparts. Now you see why Max is good, eh? He likes to smashy smashy things. As soon as you've destroyed Olaf's Rocket unit the rest of the map is a breeze. You should easily be able to attain an A rank if not S.

Mission:Max Strikes! (1st Option)
Ideal CO:Andy
Enemy CO:Olaf

Strategy:There are two ways to beat this map. You can either do it by land or by sea. We’re going to take the easier path and stick to the water. The first thing you need to do is use your Battleship to fire on Olaf’s closest Battleship. Normally, you want to have your submarines dive on their first turn, but in this case, move your Sub to the left of the Battleship you just fired on and finish it off. Make sure you stay out of range of the other Battleships until you dive on your next turn. Since you’re not going to force you way over the well defended land route, the only thing you have to do is stuff up that bridge to prevent Olaf from getting to your base. Send a Tank or Md Tank to the end of the bridge and roll your Artillery unit directly behind the Tank and your Missile Launcher behind the Artillery. Since you have factories, build Tanks when you have the cash. You can never have too many Tanks right? On the next turn, Olaf’s Md Tank will move in and attack. Destroy it by firing both of your distance units. Replace your damaged Tank with a new one if it is too weak. At this point, Olaf’s Battleships will move in. Fire with your Battleship again and move your Sub in for the kill. Make sure you’re not in sight of the remaining Battleship. On the third day, Olaf will probably unleash his Blizzard attack, but by this time it will be too late for him. Move your Sub in to damage the last Battleship and load an infantry and a Tank onto your Lander unit. Move your Lander towards the enemy HQ, but make sure you’re out of the Battleship’s range (recurring theme if you haven’t noticed). By now, the strategy should be clear. On your next turn, finish off the Battleship and use your Lander to drop an infantry off at the enemy HQ for an easy capture. Use the Tank to clog up the bridge above the enemy HQ while your infantry tears the base down. Easy S-Rank!

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