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Advance WARS Guide


by the NWR Staff - December 5, 2001, 2:08 pm PST

For what's new with the Guide.


  • Sorry for the delays, it's been quite hectic lately for David and Zosha!

  • Added the Yellow Comet section which takes you through the next five missions.


  • Skipped an update! We had the first five missions of the campaign mode up earlier! Whoops o_O

  • Just added another five missions of the campaign mode for a total of ten now.

  • Ran a spell check over the whole guide to clean it up a bit.


  • Well we've been doing quite a bit of stuff without updating the page... mainly fixing little things and having Andres |337-ly code things into TEH PRETTIES

  • Field Training missions are now up

  • David and I are working our asses off to get campaign mode going


  • CO profiles are up

  • Basic Intel for all units have been added

  • Andres is the |337 H4><02 god of HTML

  • We must all bow down before his |337 might

  • Got a news tip? Send it in!