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Advance WARS Guide


by the NWR Staff - September 22, 2001, 1:30 am PDT

General information

Why this Guide Exists

After hearing of people complaining they were stuck in Field Training, it was agreed among PGC staffers that something would have to be done. So here is PGC's very first game guide! Essentially, what we're planning is to guide you in forming different strategies in an effort to aid map completion. We'll tell you what to expect in terms of attacks, what CO to use and we’ll walk you through various battle plans. We'll also be adding our own very |337 custom maps for you to download as a PDF so that you and your friends can have PGC WARS love.

We'll try and avoid spoilers, and remember: if at first you don't succeed, you can always reset the game.

Legal Issues

This guide was written and created by Zosha Arushan, coded by Andres Rojas, written by David Trammell, and aided by the rest of the PGC Staff. This document cannot be copied in whole or in part without express permission of the Authors and Planet GameCube. All characters, maps and other items pertaining to Advance WARS is ©® and property of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

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