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Advance WARS Guide

CO Intel

by the NWR Staff - December 7, 2001, 11:38 am PST

This is the section where you'll be introduced to the COs. A CO's special power can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Be sure to familiarize yourself with each CO's strengths and weaknesses.

Right now we're just adding and updating CO information as we get through the game. Any areas with a "?" mark means we have not had the chance to update the character and will do so in the future. We will also be giving strategies on how to unlock other COs in the space. So keep watching!

Andy | Max | Sami | Nell | Olaf | Grit | Kanbei | Sonja | Eagle | Drake | ???

Army:Orange Star
Dislikes:Getting up early
Quote:"If it needs fixing, I'm your man!"
CO Power:Hyper Repair
How to Unlock:Enter "Campaign" mode.

Comments:The first CO you are introduced to. Andy essentially has no real strengths or weaknesses, though we'd probably categorize him under "Defense". His "Hyper Repair" power can really make the difference on the battle field: repairing 2HP for each of his units on the map. It also slightly ups the offense and defense of all your units. It's best to wait until you're about to rush the enemy or really need to heal your units before unleashing this attack. Andy is also your "default" Indirect Combat master: the other two Orange Star CO's really lack in this area. If you have been given a large amount of Artillery or Rocket units that is your clue that Andy is probably the strongest CO for that map.

Army:Orange Star
Likes:Weight Training
Quote:"Now it's my turn!"
CO Power:Max Force
Strengths:Direct combat units; especially anything mechanical
Weaknesses:Indirect combat. His Artillery, Rocket and other distance units are not only weaker but also have a smaller attack range.
How to Unlock:Enter "Campaign" mode.

Comments:Max can be either your best CO or your worst CO, depending on your fighting preferences. For instance, if you really love those Md Tanks, he's your guy. That said, his indirect units are completely pathetic. Very small attack ranges coupled with lower overall power makes Max a bad choice in some areas. Also of note: don't forget that anything mechanical gets a big boost. That means Fighter jets, Bombers and even Subs and Carriers get a major offensive charge. The "Max Force" ability takes his offensive prowess up to an even higher level making your direct combat units nearly unstoppable. Literally, you can have a regular Tank unit take out a group of Md Tanks after using this power. He is rumoured to be in love with Nell.

Army:Orange Star
Quote:"Ready for duty!"
CO Power:Double Time
Strengths:Infantry and Mech units. Her transport units (APCs and T-Copters) have higher defense and range than normal. Her troops can also capture units much faster than any other CO
Weaknesses:Other ground units: namely tanks
How to Unlock:Enter "Campaign" mode.

Comments:While many people either ignore Sami or dislike her, she is absolutely essential to some areas. Her Infantry units are much much stronger than usual and can effectively fight units that normally would crush them. While her tanks and other mechanical ground units have a slightly lower attack than Andy, they're still very effective in battle. Just be careful where you choose your battles. Fog of War is where Sami truly shines. Have her send infantry into enemy territory and hide in the forests. You can sometimes quickly capture an HQ before the enemy CO realizes what's happening! To help you, her CO power "Double Time" will make the terrain cost for Infantry and Mech units be "one" for any kind of land. Those units will also get an extra space of moment. Also make good use of her transport abilities. APCs and T-Copters have a higher range of movement, and also seem to have a higher defense. She's also the friendly rival of Eagle, who seems to have a bit of a crush on her.

Army:Orange Star
CO Power:???
How to Unlock:???

Comments:We haven't unlocked Nell as of yet, but it is known she is a playable character. She is close friends with Max and Grit. From what has been noticed in Field Training, Nell appears to have similar strengths to Kanbei: higher offense and defense for units. However, we'll have to wait and see...

Army:Blue Moon
Likes:Warm boots
Dislikes:Rain clouds
Quote:"I'll show you the meaning of power!"
CO Power:Blizzard
Strengths:Above average ability. Strongest in the snow
How to Unlock:Complete "Campaign" mode.

Comments:Olaf was once an Orange Star CO but betrayed the country and joined up with Blue Moon. He is your enemy in "campaign" mode and often completely bungles his plans. His sidekick, Grit doesn't have much respect for him at all. A fair weather CO, Olaf is very weak in the rain. His CO power "Blizzard" can really bog you down. Not only are your units unable to move as far on the map, but Olaf's units get a boost in offense and defense. They're also able to traverse the snow countryside as easily as before. He's a good choice in the War Room for his ability to slow down the enemy. Just don't use him against Drake or you'll regret it.

Army:Blue Moon
Quote:"What's the ruckus?"
CO Power:Snipe Attack
Strengths:Indirect combats units have an extended range along with more powerful attributes.
Weaknesses:All direct combat units have weaker offense and defense
How to Unlock:Use Max for Mission 4 and then Complete "Campaign" mode. You can then purchase him from Hachi for 50 Advance Coins.

Comments:Grit can be brutal. His Artillery and Rocket units are absolutely devastating. An expert marksman, he is able to hit your units from a much longer range. Grit is the kind that likes to hide in a nice forest or reef during Fog of War and just start blasting you till your units are completely wiped out. If that's not enough his "Snipe Attack" power effectively triples the area that his indirect units can strike. All isn't lost however. If you can get within range with your Tanks or other powerful units you can lay waste to Grit's forces easily. Just check the range of his units with the B button constantly, or you'll get fried in the process. Grit left the Orange Star army for reasons unknown, though it is rumoured that both he and Max were in love with Nell. According to this, Grit left so that he wouldn't come between Max and Nell, but this hasn't been confirmed.

Army:Yellow Comet
Quote:"Show me your warrior spirit!"
CO Power:Morale Boost
Strengths:High defense and offense ratings for all units
Weaknesses:Extremely high deployment costs.
How to Unlock:Complete "Campaign" mode and purchase from Hachi for 50 Advance Coins.

Comments:A modern samurai, Kanbei puts honour over everything else. He dotes over his daughter Sonja, but sometimes forgets to listen to her good advice. While he's a good man, he can also act very rashly in battle, much to the dismay of Sonja. He is a fierce warrior and the main reason why no one messes with the small country of Yellow Comet. All of his units are at their peak and get the best training possible. However, this is also his weakness. The deployment costs for his units are much higher than every other CO. Use this strategy against him, saving up money to make units that will crush his strong, but lower powered units. His CO power "Morale Boost" acts much like a powered up Max Force: upping the defense and offense of all his units.

Army:Yellow Comet
Quote:"Brains are the key to victory, not brawn."
CO Power:Enhanced Vision
Strengths:Increased vision in fog of war situations
Weaknesses:Is plagued by constant bad luck
How to Unlock:Complete the Yellow Comet missions in under 9 days. Then after you "Campaign" mode you may purchase from Hachi for 60 Advance Coins.

Comments:Sonja is the long-suffering daughter of the excitable Kanbei. Her strength is gathering intel for use in the battle field. A cunning strategist, you have to be careful of any traps she might lay upon you. All of her units have higher visual range in Fog of War. Her CO Power increases her visual range and allows her to see any units that you have hidden in forests or reefs. So be careful on how you deploy your units.

Army:Green Earth
Likes:Lucky Goggles
Quote:"Do you really want to challenge me?"
CO Power:Lightning Strike
Strengths:Air units are insanely strong
Weaknesses:Ground units and especially Naval units are weak
How to Unlock:Use Sami for the Green Earth missions. After you complete Campaign mode, he'll be up for purchase at Hachi's for 50 coins.

Comments:Much like his name implies, this CO is the King of the Skies. His air units have greater power and very good defense. This coupled with "Lightning Strike" can be extremely disastrous. Lightning Strike allows all non-infantry units take another move, even though their firepower is weaker. That means big trouble for people fighting against him. As an added bonus, his Air units consume less fuel per turn. He acts like a hotshot but appears to have a crush on Sami, who would probably rather kick him in the trousers with her combat boots.

Army:Green Earth
Likes:The sea
Quote:"Slow down, matey. What's the rush?"
CO Power:Tsunami
Strengths:Naval units
Weaknesses:Air and ground units are weak
How to Unlock:Use Andy for all of the Green Earth missions and then Complete "Campaign" mode. Hachi will have him for sale at the low low price of 50 Advance Coins.

Comments:Drake is quite an interesting CO. While seemingly relaxed and almost uncaring of his command, he is a crafty old sea dog. Eagle has little patience with him but knows that when it comes to the sea, Drake is the best. Harnessing the power of the ocean, Drake's "Tsunami" power will damage all of your units onscreen for 1HP damage. If you can corner him on land or in the air he's easy to beat, but unfortunately, all of the maps you meet him in have copious amounts of water and are plentiful in ports.

CO Power:???
How to Unlock:???


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