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Kid Icarus: Uprising Tournament

by Neal Ronaghan - April 22, 2012, 6:12 pm PDT
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Grab two of your Kid Icarus-playing friends and sign up.

As promised, we're hosting a Kid Icarus: Uprising tournament starting during the week of April 29. We'll be playing Light vs. Dark for prizes.

UPDATE 4/26/12: Here's the prize distribution:

  • Grand Prize for Three Members of the Winning Team: Each winner gets a Kid Icarus: Uprising t-shirt, a pack of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards, a Pit perler bead, and two eShop games of their choice from our selection (first dibs since they won).
  • First Runners-Up: The first runners-up will each receive one eShop game of their choice from our selection (second dibs after winners).
  • Second and Third Runners-Up: The highest point-scorers on the second and third runners-up will each receive one eShop game of their choice from our remaining selection (after the previous winners take their pick).
    Prize List
  • 1 copy of Mutant Mudds from Renegade Kid
  • 2 copies of Pyramids from Enjoy Gaming
  • 5 copies of '90s Pool (DSiWare) from Cinemax
  • 10 copies of Penguin Patrol from Intrinsic Games
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising shirts and AR Cards from Nintendo of America
  • Pit perler beads from StreetPass Princeton
  • Note: All game giveaways are North American only. Sorry Europe/Australia/Japan/etc.! The AR cards are also North American, but they work for all regions. If you're a winner from another region, we'll try to figure something out for you other than a game.

Here is how it is going to work:

  1. We'll be using the default settings for Light vs. Dark, so the stage is random, the time limit is six minutes, the items are standard, and the life gauge is set at 900.
  2. Since we're playing Light vs. Dark, there will be teams of three players competing. If you can, sign up with two other players. If you're stag, then announce it in the Talkback thread and you can match up with other players.
  3. We'll be capping the amount of teams at 16, so get your team in soon!
  4. The tournament will be run in rounds. So, April 29 to May 3 is Round One; May 4 to May 7 is Round Two; May 8 to May 10 is Round Three; and May 11 to May 13 is the finals.
  5. During each round, you have to communicate with your opponents and plan out a time when you will all go online to play. Each team must have a captain that will take a photo (camera phone is fine) of the scoreboard after the match to verify the score. Following the match, send the image to community(at)nintendoworldreport(dot)com. If a team doesn't submit a photo after a match, they will be disqualified. Each round is a best-of-five match. That means, basically, the first team to win three times is the winner.
  6. There will be staff teams, but staff (former or current) can't win prizes. So, if a staff team is in the finals, the other team wins the prize regardless.
  7. Send your questions/comments to community(at)nintendoworldreport(dot)com
  8. In reaction to mid-tourney events, there is this addendum: Each match must consist of players mentioned to the tournament organizer and opponent before the match. Under no circumstances should non-announced players be involved in a match. Each team must consist of three players from each competing team. From May 6, 2012 forward, if any team attempts to doctor any team, they will be immediately disqualified and not awarded any prize.

To sign up, e-mail community(at)nintendoworldreport(dot)com by April 28 at Noon EST with the following information:

  • Your name, 3DS Friend Code, and 3DS name
  • The names, 3DS Friend Codes, and 3DS names of your two teammates
  • Any days your team might not be available during the tournament (4/29 to 5/13)


NachoCrunkApril 22, 2012

If anyone else wants to join my elite team, leave me a message or tweet @NachoCrunk

In order to join you must qualify accordingly...

1: Have a Skype. "Group communication"
2: All weapons must be valued at 300 & up.
3: Have an open variety of weapons & powers

I'm looking for people, which have time and skill to win the competition.

LinkXLove94April 22, 2012

im willing to join anyone for this tournament!
My Friend Code is: 5327-0914-9152 name: christian
i mainly use claws
and my secondary weapons would be blades and clubs
Right now my only 2 weapons in my gear section are my Beam Claws (294) and Brawler claws (279)
so if u want to contact me email me at maluigi08(at)hotmail(dot)com

pololmejorApril 22, 2012

Do I need another person to qualify in the tournament? I can't be alone?

As the post says, it's a Light vs. Dark tournament, so you need a team of three to enter.

Garry3April 22, 2012

I can Join! I have my friends too My Friend code is 1633-4246-2720

pandaradoxApril 23, 2012

count me in! me and nacho will be teaming up with my friend.good luck to everyone! It's bound to be a good time.

Remember, you have to e-mail community (at) nintendoworldreport (dot) com to register!

neoprismApril 23, 2012

Hey if anyone wants to team up with me, I'm look for people/teams with decent weapons and skills. I mostly use palms and as long as there are not any afkers(I use that term because they aren't at their ds) it is always a close fight. My friend code is 1332-7745-4794. If you want to contact me either do it through this site or contact neoprism(at)hotmail(dot)com

MirpkeredApril 23, 2012

Looking to get in on this action. If your interested in getting a teammate please contact me on twitter. My username is @mirpkered. I usually am a melee player but also can handle ranged attack methods.

vinniebrockApril 23, 2012

I wanna get in on this too. PM me if you want to start a team. A few suggestions:

-Weapon(s) at or very near 300 would be recommended
-Decent amount of experience
-We'll need to keep in touch through the forums, PMs, Twitter, etc.

Should be fun  :cool;

UC_RaiderApril 24, 2012

Hi I just registered an account to participate in the tournament. I am a stag so I am looking to join a team that needs a third wheel or some other stags to form a team. I do pretty well in Light vs. Dark (not so much free for all), I mainly use long range techniques and keep out of sight. My friend code: 3265-5061-3675, PM or reply if your interested.

DrizztApril 24, 2012

Hey guys PM me if you want me on your team Here's my friend code 1461-6362-5023 :D

LinkXLove94April 25, 2012

looking to join any team with good fighting and teamwork experience.
i mainly use Claws for close range and blades/clubs for long range.
if u need to contact me please check me out on facebook/twitter/email
Fb: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/#!/LinkXCourage94
Twitter: @LinkXCourage94
Email: Maluigi08(at)hotmail(dot)com

vinniebrockApril 25, 2012

well... crap. I forgot I'm working overtime for the next few weeks (so i can get E3 time off)... no Kid Icarus tourney for me. :'(

cmaghintayApril 25, 2012

Hey guys! Ever since I started hearing about Streetpass Princeton on Connectivity I've always been interested in coming to an event. I don't have Kid Icarus, but I'd really like to meet up with a group of like minded gamer and this sounds like a great opportunity! (I live in less than 40 minutes from Princeton.) Would it be weird if I just showed up with no intent on entering? I don't know anyone and I'd be coming alone, but I'd really like to socialize with fellow gamers and Neal makes Streetpass Princeton sound so cool!

pandaradoxApril 25, 2012

Cmag: This is an online tourney, sorry.  I'd offer a hang out, but I live in Kansas City :/.

neoprismApril 26, 2012

just so people are aware that have email me, I already signed up with UC_RAIDER and mirpkered. Sorry if you wanted to join my team.

DrazonixApril 27, 2012

My team will win. Period. I have trained them to be the best. We streetpass everyday, so that each of us may obtain the ULTIMATE WEAPONS.  Here is what you are about to go up against. Now imagine fighting 3 of us in the video you are about to see.......lets do this.

Copy and Paste


NinSageApril 27, 2012

Doesn't look like I can find teammates on my own.

Anyone still need a third??? Spoiler: I'm not all that good at KIU multiplayer!! 

Now let the offers come rolling in!

pookyruneApril 28, 2012

Drazonix, by showing us this video you have only weakened your chances. Me and my teammates are ready to seek-and-destroy you specifically round one with your -4 defence weapons.

actor13bApril 28, 2012

Quote from: NinSage

Doesn't look like I can find teammates on my own.

Anyone still need a third??? Spoiler: I'm not all that good at KIU multiplayer!! 

Now let the offers come rolling in!

NinSage, I will join your team. That means we need another person.

NinSageApril 28, 2012


yea, looks like we're not makin' the deadline =\

c'mon! someone else join with us in the next 20 minutes!

12:08 PM UPDATE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6KOEMJKdEI

Maybe nex-a time.

DrazonixApril 28, 2012

@pookyrune Not to be rude, but do you know how many times I have heard that? I say I wouldn't be using these weapons if they didn't give me around 16-25 Kills a match online. The defense doesn't make a major difference if you know how to dodge, especially with Aries Armor.

So tell me everyone, do you fight for fun; or to win?

"I fight to win, if I want to play for fun, I would pick up Barbie Adventures for the Wii system."

NinSageApril 28, 2012

I think it's very interesting how serious the smack talk here has gotten.  :)

Should be an interesting tourney... wish it were televised!  ;D

Bracket is live.

I'm pretty sure the NWR Staff team is going to get freaking stomped. Regardless, I look forward to see who winds up winning.

Agent SpectreApril 28, 2012

Ah, shoot... we had a team, but I didn't realize signup deadline was noon.
Have fun, everyone.

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