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May 31, 2001

More Game Names? GC

by Michael Cole - 9:59 pm EDT

The Younger Plumber was bored at school today and worked to uncover several registered domain names that may be Nintendo projects. Another PGC exclusive! (Don't ya just love us?)

Just before E3, Nintendo’s site posted a list of games supposedly to be showcased at E3. The list quickly disappeared but not before we got a copy of it. We’ve now been able to further confirm some of the names mentioned in the list, through URLs registered, apparently by Nintendo.

I know we reported a few, but Nintendo's been busy. Here are some


Sims Advance Confirmed! GBA

by Max Lake - 8:31 pm EDT

We've gotten another report from Australia, it seems EA is indeed confirming its hit game, the Sims will come to GBA.

Our friend and former colleague in Australia, Justin Anderson, just wrote in to CONFIRM the rumors we posted earlier about Sims Advance. The game is being listed on game releases date sheets being issued by Electronic Arts all over Australia. While it could be a misprint, it seems to be the real... Read more...

Resident Evil one cubed GC

by David Trammell - 5:25 pm EDT
Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly

Apparently, Capcom may be porting the original Resident Evil to GameCube.

With Resident Evil Zero on the way, and ports of every other Resident Evil game on every system you can think of, this news certainly doesn't surprise me.

The interesting part is that the game is reputedly going to be ported with real time environments (like Code Veronica) and extra features... Read more...

The Sims Advance? GBA

by David Trammell - 5:21 pm EDT
Source: Big Kid.com

This is a rumor at the moment, but perhaps it's grounded in fact.

Apparently someone spotted the Sims for GBA on EA's release list at some point, and it's not there anymore. Still, this could easily be a game in the works. Why? Well, despite the hurdles involved in making a game like that work on such a small system, the Sims is a goldmine of gaming dollars on the PC. It only makes sense that EA would try to port it in some way to the GBA. For now, this is nothing more than rumor though.


Droves of games from Interplay? GC

by David Trammell - 5:11 pm EDT
Source: Computer and Videogames

Computer and Videogames.com claims to have some very interesting information from insiders at Interplay.

According to CVG sources, a Chinese company is buying out Interplay and their will be an official announcement to that effect within ten days or so.

So why should GameCube fans care? Perhaps this quote from CVG's source can explain it for you: "The PlayStation 2 product we showed at E3 is just the tip of the iceberg. The Gamecube games are going to be arriving in droves."


Malice for GameCube? GC

by David Trammell - 5:02 pm EDT
Source: Computer and Videogames

It's looking like Microsoft's once exclusive platformer may not be so exclusive anymore.

Does anyone remember Malice? Once upon a time it was Microsoft's bid for the platforming genre and an Xbox exclusive to be published by them. Now, it seems there has been some falling out between M$ and Argonaut. Was Bill Gates unimpressed with the progress of the game? Did Argonaut have a reason... Read more...

Massive GameCube production GC

by Mike Sklens - 4:35 pm EDT
Source: Core Magazine

I don't think we're going to have to worry about a shortage of GameCubes come November 5th.

Core Magazine has recently received numbers that could detail how many GameCubes will be ready at launch. According to Core Mag, the disc drives are being produced at 3 facilities. Each facility can produce 300,000 drives a month (900,000 total). according to an earlier report at Tendo Box, the manufacturing... Read more...

Titus cruises onto the GameCube

by Mike Sklens - 4:31 pm EDT
Source: Tendo Box

Titus' PC game Sgt. Cruise will be comming to the GameCube in '02.

Titus Interactive's PC game entitled Sgt. Cruise will also be released for the GameCube. The game is going to be cartoony in the vein of the old Warner Bros toons. You play as Sgt. Cruise who is defending the world from alien invaders. The game is said to feature elements from shooter, strategy, and racing games. It also has a 2 player co-op mode so you and your best friend can kick alien ass together.


PGC EXCLUSIVE! Advance Team Hits Philly! GBA

by Billy Berghammer - 3:24 pm EDT
Source: Game Boy.com

We know when, where, what games, and what free stuff you can get! Who loves ya' baby?

Advance Team was somewhere in Washington D.C. last weekend. We tried and tried and tried but couldn't track them down. Justin was very upset and started throwing things. It's was a little scary. Max started crying. Kidding.

Anyhoo...PGC has tracked down one of our Nintendo spies, who is actually a secret member inside Advance Team. He gave us the entire scoop on where Advance Team will be this weekend in Philly!


PGC goes big time.

by Rick Powers - 3:10 pm EDT
Source: Blue's News

In other news, PGC get's noticed by none other than Blue over at Blue's News. We can't help but revel in what feels like mainstream coverage ...

While nothing big to most of you, we're sure, someone tipped Blue off to the fact that not only do we exist, but that we post some pretty cool and informative stuff.

Sure enough, in today's Consolation section, right at the end, is a linky-dinky to PGC and our post about Nintendo's stance on Emulation.


Hey Canadians - Win a GBA!

by Ty Shughart - 1:18 pm EDT
Source: Strange D.

What's better than a GBA? A free GBA!

You may have seen this on TV - you can stop by the MuchMusic.com contest page, fill out a form, and have a chance to win 1 of 50 Game Boy Advance systems. Check the rules, though - it's only open to Canadian residents.


Denis Dyack Interview Online GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 7:13 am EDT
Source: HyperActive

Online video of PGC's own Kosta Andreadis and fellow aussie Stephen Farrelly's (Nintendo Gamer magazine) interview with Denis Dyack (head honcho at Silicon Knights) is available for download.

Denis Dyack is not exactly a man of few words, so he is always too happy to speak with gamers or media about his company's upcoming products. As representatives of Australia's now defunct N64 Gamer magazine (don't worry its only been given a new name), Stephen Farrelly (editor) and myself (senior writer) took a few minutes to talk with Denis Dyack.


May 30, 2001

Kid Icarus on GameCube? GC

by Rick Powers - 11:04 pm EDT
Source: IGNCube

IGNCube has barely anything to go on, except for a very telling screenshot from SSBM showing Pit from Kid Icarus! Read on ...

While we already are seeing some old 8-bit friends on GameCube in the form of the Ice Climbers in Super Smash Bros. Melee, IGNCube has revealed yet another potential playable character in Pit.

As the screenshot suggests, Pit is a trophy in the game, and if our theory about trophies won becoming... Read more...


by Louie the Cat - 9:15 pm EDT
Source: PGC's Hardware

Louie the Cat is happy with Mad Catz's new GBA lineup!

Billy Iz so STOOOPIDZ for forgittin to update teh Mad Catz GBA stuff. MAYBEE he iz mad at me for leavign PREZANT ON HIZ KEYBORED! HAHAAHAHAhahaha!!111



PSO Verion 2 Pay-to-Pay? BLARGH. GC

by Zosha Arushan - 7:31 pm EDT
Source: IGNDreamcast

And lo, the large horde of PSO fans simultaneously cry "BLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH".

Ugh. Talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth. IGNDC has found out that the upgrade to the popular online game, will in fact require people to pay a fee to play. It is unknown how much players will have to pay for the privilidge of playing, although owners of the original PSO will still enjoy unlimited play for the exact price of nothing.


Eternal Darkness Art Galore! GC

by Billy Berghammer - 7:07 pm EDT
Source: Silicon Knights

Creepy. That's all you can say. And eerie. Creepy and eerie. That's it.

Silicon Knights has updated their website with some knew Eternal Darkness desktop art and screen savers!

Nothing wrong with a little love from Silicon Knights! Something to tide you over until ED releases with GameCube this November.

Also, while you're there...check out some of the other updates. We paid Denis a whole TWO DOLLARS to be listed under IGN!


Game Boy Advance EARLY Release Dates! GBA

by Billy Berghammer - 3:51 pm EDT

We've called almost every store in AMERICA! Well not quite, but we've got new dates for when you could see some titles early! THPS2 early! HELL YEAH!

Yes it’s true! If you have an import GBA you could get some titles early. As we reported earlier, some Wal Mart and Toys R’ Us stores already have received Earthworm Jim , Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, and Iridion -3D-. Some stores are selling early, and some are not. Make phone calls to make sure your local store has them in stock and is willing to sell.


GBA games on sale now! GBA

by Mike Sklens - 2:00 pm EDT

Mike S found something special at his local Wal*Mart today!

It's a bit of an odd story, actually. I had finally decided to buy one of the Zelda Oracle games, for fear of missing out on something big. I heard in PlanetChat that Best Buy had a good deal on them. So I high-tailed it down there. They didn't have either Oracle game. Next I tried Target, same thing.... Read more...

Another PGC E3 Video Update!

by Max Lake - 1:15 pm EDT

What's going on with the video? Who's making it? Will it be ready soon? We answer these questions and make a small call for help!

Billy asked me to do an “E3 Video Update” and one is certainly needed! Many people are asking us what’s up and as potential customers, you have a right to know!

Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of time into the E3 video, as we want to get it produced and into your eager little hands... Read more...

Working Designs on GC? GC

by Zosha Arushan - 11:31 am EDT
Source: Working Design's website.

What many consider the "American arm" of Game Arts, Working Designs is hinting at GC support. LUNAR III OH YEAH!

Take a look at this press release from WD's site:

Working Designs also discussed their strategy for next generation systems, highlighting their support of the PlayStation 2 game console and their interest in GameCube publishing. Working Designs president Victor Ireland stated, "We are extremely... Read more...


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