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PGC goes big time.

by Rick Powers - May 31, 2001, 3:10 pm PDT
Source: Blue's News

In other news, PGC get's noticed by none other than Blue over at Blue's News. We can't help but revel in what feels like mainstream coverage ...

While nothing big to most of you, we're sure, someone tipped Blue off to the fact that not only do we exist, but that we post some pretty cool and informative stuff.

Sure enough, in today's Consolation section, right at the end, is a linky-dinky to PGC and our post about Nintendo's stance on Emulation.

Perhaps this was a wink in our general direction from Jason "loonyboi" Bergman, whom Billy and I shared a ride with, or perhaps it was a happy coincidence. Maybe one of you tipped them off. Either way, we just wanted to retaliate ... er, that is, reciprocate and give a link over to Blue's and say, "Hey."

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