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Working Designs on GC?

by Zosha Arushan - May 30, 2001, 11:31 am PDT
Source: Working Design's website.

What many consider the "American arm" of Game Arts, Working Designs is hinting at GC support. LUNAR III OH YEAH!

Take a look at this press release from WD's site:

Working Designs also discussed their strategy for next generation systems, highlighting their support of the PlayStation 2 game console and their interest in GameCube publishing. Working Designs president Victor Ireland stated, "We are extremely excited about the strong showing PlayStation 2 is set to make in 2001, which will allow it to maintain the leadership in the console industry. That said, we feel the GameCube presents an exciting opportunity to extend our fan base with innovative game content, and we are exploring possible games for publication."

Working Designs is famous for their translation of many "niche" Japanese games, and they have an extremely loyal fanbase. Once called "the American arm of Game Arts", the company's localization of Lunar on PSX is known as one of the best translations to come over to the US.

Special thanks to Scummy for the heads up!

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