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Massive GameCube production

by Mike Sklens - May 31, 2001, 4:35 pm PDT
Source: Core Magazine

I don't think we're going to have to worry about a shortage of GameCubes come November 5th.

Core Magazine has recently received numbers that could detail how many GameCubes will be ready at launch. According to Core Mag, the disc drives are being produced at 3 facilities. Each facility can produce 300,000 drives a month (900,000 total). according to an earlier report at Tendo Box, the manufacturing would begin next month. So, if this is true, by November there will be 4,500,000 drives. If everyone else in the production line keeps up, that could mean a whole load of cubes come launch time. Keep in mind that not all the drives will be for the GameCube. Some will be for the DVDcube, which, according to the report, will release in Japan soon after the GameCube itself. Also, the mini 8cm GODs are not being produced by Matsushita, but instead by an American subsidiary.

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