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Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

3DS Through the Ages: January 2013 to May 2013

The Year of Luigi kicks off with a good run of games....

by Neal Ronaghan - July 19, 2017

BLOG: Explaining Monster Hunter

Hi, my name is Jon, and I'm an addict. Come join me....

by Jon Lindemann - August 14, 2013

Our Top 5 Games of 2013 (So Far)

The staff mind-melded and came up with our collective five favorite games of 2013 to date....

by Neal Ronaghan - July 2, 2013

NWR Staff 3DS Playtime Round Four

Two years and man, are we playing a bunch of 3DS....

by Neal Ronaghan - April 16, 2013

NWR's Game(s) of the Month: March

Busting ghosts, hunting monsters, and breaking bricks....

by Nate Andrews - April 6, 2013

BLOG: Gazing Back at Q1 2013

If you don't have a 3DS, you are missing out on awesome....

by Neal Ronaghan - April 4, 2013

Japan eShop Round-Up (12/06/2012)

The much anticipated (right?) music service, Reco Choku, older retail titles, and more hit the 3DS eShop this week....

by Danny Bivens - December 6, 2012

Japan eShop Round-Up (11/14/2012)

Mega Man, Suda 51, Sonic Drift with local multiplayer, a Naruto demo, and more on the eShop this week....

by Danny Bivens - November 14, 2012

INTERVIEW: Wii U Interview with Nintendo's Marc Franklin: Marc Franklin Interview: Page 3

No Virtual Console on the Wii U GamePad. Bummer....

by Josh Max, Neal Ronaghan, Jared Rosenberg, and Ariel Ruff - September 19, 2012

E3 Predictions 2012 - Bingo Edition: James D's Predictions

Localizations, rumors, expected announcements, and nonsense....

by James Dawson - May 31, 2012

Nintendo Direct: What Do We Expect?

We speculate on what exactly Nintendo has in store....

by Patrick Barnett and Neal Ronaghan - February 21, 2012

Japan eShop Round-Up (01/05/2012)

What does the first eShop update of 2012 have in store for Japan?...

by Danny Bivens - January 5, 2012

BLOG: How My 3DS Virally Updated Another

Read how I unwittingly gave another guy SwapNote and other apps....

by James Charlton - December 22, 2011

BLOG: Circle Pad Pro Get!

Danny buys the Circle Pad Pro and tests it as a grip for unsupported games....

by Danny Bivens - December 10, 2011

Japan eShop Round-Up (12/07/2011)

3DS demos, Game Boy games, and more hit the eShop this week....

by Danny Bivens - December 7, 2011

Japan eShop Round-Up (11/30/2011)

Streaming 3D videos not your thing? Now you can go on a 3D date with Itsu no Ma ni Terebi!...

by Danny Bivens - November 30, 2011

Japan eShop Round-Up (10/26/2011)

Kirby, 3DS downloadable games, and tons of video content appear in the Japan eShop this week....

by Danny Bivens - October 26, 2011

BLOG: My Monster Hunter Tri Monogatari

How did Danny's quest for the golden 3DS Monter Hunter ticket fare?...

by Danny Bivens - September 19, 2011

Monster Hunter 3G English Manual at TGS

See how the upcoming 3DS game controls in these pictures from TGS....

by Pedro Hernandez and Aaron Kaluszka - September 15, 2011

BLOG: The Second Circle Pad and Kid Icarus: Uprising

Neal engages in mildly baseless speculation about Project Sora's upcoming 3DS game....

by Neal Ronaghan - September 6, 2011


Monster Hunter 3 (tri) G Box Art

Genre RPG
Developer Capcom
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Release Mar 19, 2013
jpn: Monster Hunter 3 (tri) G
Release Dec 10, 2011
eu: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Release Mar 22, 2013
aus: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Release Mar 23, 2013
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