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Nintendo World Report's 2019 Game Awards

Best Story

by Joe DeVader, Zachary Miller, and Neal Ronaghan - January 5, 2020, 7:59 am EST

Compelling narratives can sometimes be found in the strangest places.

Winner: Untitled Goose Game

You are a dinosaur. All these monkeys need to be taken down a peg or two. The goosening has begun.

~ Zachary Miller

Runner Up: Pikuniku

Wake up in a cave and proceed to destroy the capitalist system.

~ Joe DeVader

Runner Up: Dig Dog

He's a dog who digs. It's poetry. More specifically, my push for Dig Dog is in the meta-narrative. The creator of this game made use of a verbal and head-tracking development system to make the whole game without the use of his hands. It is inspirational and brilliant, even more so because the game itself is a blast to play. Does it quite soar past some of its analogs, like Downwell? Not really, but the sum of Dig Dog is greater than its parts.

~ Neal Ronaghan



OedoJanuary 05, 2020

I started playing through Genealogy of the Holy War last year (after finally catching up with most of the Fire Emblem games released in North America; the only ones I haven't finished now are Shadow Dragon and two routes of Three Houses, the latter of which I'm planning to start soon). The game really is super intriguing from a story and character standpoint, but yeah, it needs a full on remake from a gameplay perspective. There are a lot of interesting ideas with the large maps and mission structure, and how the romance and timeskip is implemented, but the game is hard to play in a lot of respects. I would love to see it remade, and with Koei Tecmo apparently taking a larger role on Three Houses than we initially thought, it makes a certain amount of sense that a remake is something other people at Intelligent Systems would have been working in the meanwhile.

I wouldn't hold my breathe for Thracia 776 as DLC though. I know people have speculated on that, or even both games being remade into a single package, but I don't think either scenario is feasible when you consider Intelligent Systems turned Gaiden into such a fleshed out, robust game with Shadows of Valentia due to the care and attention they approached the remake with. I think Thracia 776 would have to be its own remake.

Overall, it was interesting to read through this feature as always!

NemoJanuary 07, 2020

Dragon Quest XI is #1 in my heart.

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