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Top 5 Pokémon

Pedro's Picks

by Pedro Hernandez - March 1, 2011, 12:27 pm EST

The Pokemon anime and movies played a big role in Pedro's selections of Pokemon.

5. Meowth

Cats are cool, and Meowth may easily be the best of the feline Pokémon. I was introduced to the world of Pokémon through the anime, and Team Rocket is easily my favorite part of the whole series. Meowth was the team’s mascot and provided a great bulk of the humor, wit, and snark. Because of that I wanted to have a Meowth in my team. It felt like I was taking with me a little bit of the TV series (Funny enough, the Yellow edition of Pokemon featured Team Rocket battles as seen in the series).

4. Lucario
Much like Meowth, the reason I love Lucario was because of the anime series, mainly the eighth movie “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”. I really enjoyed the storyline of that movie, especially how Lucario is quite literally an ancient Pokémon who fought wars centuries ago and was brought back to the present day. I felt really bad for him as his owner's history is sad, but I thought he was really cool. So much so that right after watching the movie I went back to my copy of Pokémon Diamond, I looked hard for a Lucario, and traded for one online. He quickly became one of the strongest fighters in my team and was able to beat the final set of gym trainers. Had it not been for Lucario and the movie, I may not have finished the game and not gone back to the series full time. So I owe it all to Lucario for reinforcing the Pokemaniac in me.

3. Mew
While not as cool as its clone Mewtwo, Mew was one of the most fascinating elements of the Pokémon mythos. When I was young I would read about the mysterious Mew, and how it would be impossible to catch it through traditional means. Much like a hunter seeking to find a rare animal, I became obsessed and wanted to catch it. After learning about the myths regarding its capture I was finally able to catch one and put it on my team right away. This was before the first movie was released so my love of the little guy was because of my efforts in catching him.

2. Tyranitar
This Pokémon was one of my tanks in my copy of Pokémon Silver for the Game Boy Color. Unlike the previously mentioned Pokémon I wasn’t introduced to it via the television series, but rather through the game. I thought that Larvitar was cool and decided to evolve it into Tyranitar. One new addition to the Pokémon series was Pokémon genders, so my Tyranitar was female. Being the dorky gamer that I was, I decided to name my Tyranitar “Xena”, after the Lucy Lawless character of the same name. She was my tank and helped me win many battles. The funny thing is that years later, during the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald generation, the TV series did an episode on Tyranitar and Larvitar. Ash and friends rescued a Larvitar from a group of hunters. In one episode, the group enters the mind of the Larvitar where they learned that its mother, the Tyranitar, fought them and was injured during the battle. That episode made me nostalgic for my Xena, and that’s why it has become one of my favorite Pokémon.

1. Bulbasaur (and all its evolution forms)
To me, Bulbasaur represents A LOT of firsts in my Pokémon fandom. A Bulbasaur themed episode was the first episode I ever saw of the television show, Bulbasaur was the first Pokémon I owned in the games and it was the first Pokémon I saw in 3D in the N64 games. The TV episode in question was called “Bulbasaur’s Mysterious Garden”. In it, Bulbasaurs from all over the world gathered in a secret garden in which a Venusaur would greet them, and they all evolve into Ivysaurs. But Ash’s Bulbasaur refuses to evolve and thus when Team Rocket decided to spoil the party he gives it his all in order to prove to the world that you can be a little guy and still kick butt. Granted, this episode isn’t one of the most popular or noteworthy of the entire Indigo League saga, but I loved the simple story it told, and for some reason I was deeply touched by how Bulbasaur refused to evolve in order to prove his self-worth as his un-evolved form.

I loved this episode so much that I actually wrote to Nintendo Power in order to learn more about Pokémon. I then bought a copy of Pokémon Red, the Nintendo guide and a link cable for trading purposes. When I fired up the game, I knew which Pokémon I would choose for my starter: Bulbasaur, which I named “Papo” (my real life nickname). I was still a new fan of the series so I never got into the intricacies of the techniques, the power-ups and such. All I knew that I wanted to make my Papo big and strong. That’s why I love the evolution forms as well. With each new achievement Papo would grow and change, with its forms being proof of the victories we experienced throughout our journey (which is ironic considering the episode that got me into the whole franchise dealt with not changing for the sake of changing).

When Pokémon Stadium came out for the N64 and learned about the data transfer between games I knew which Pokémon would be the first to gain a new dimension. Papo appeared on-screen for the first time and I was a very happy trainer. So thanks to a deep, personal connection Bulbasaur is my favorite Pokémon of all-time.



GmbAlbeeFebruary 28, 2011

Good picks overall.  I do like that you picked Abra as opposed to Alakazam.  I don't know if Scizor would be my number 1... but he's definitely in the top 5!

TJ SpykeFebruary 28, 2011

I disagree with most of the picks, but I did enjoy reading the reasons why you like them.

GKFebruary 28, 2011

According to some of the Pokedexes out there Cubone's skull helm is from the remains of its dead mother & by the time it becomes a Marowak, the skull is pretty much fused to its head. I've said it before & I'll say it again. Marowak was the most metal pokemon before metal type pokemon ever existed.

Not sure where I'd rank him but Marowak's easily among my top 5 as well.

Mop it upFebruary 28, 2011

I'm still going to go with Pichu. I don't care if it's weak, there's still been nothing to surpass it in adorableness.

only1gameguruFebruary 28, 2011

ive always liked int his order:
5)squirtle - adorable
4) cubone - i feel for him
3)spoink - its a pig
2)butterfree - i like butterflys
1)shedninja - <3 wonderguard

though i have a soft spot for sunkie and that new pink elephant >.>

xcwarriorMarch 01, 2011

Solid picks, but I'll give my top 5 for kicks.

5) Ursaring - I love bears. Enough said.
4) Spiritomb - It's creepy and has no weaknesses. Wall of ghost!
3) Lapras - It's the Loch Ness Monster for crying out loud, that's awesome.
2) Gyrados - Raise a stupid Magicrap and get another dragonish bad a**.
1) Dragonite - for basically the same reasons you gave.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterMarch 01, 2011
TJ SpykeMarch 01, 2011

I think you meant to say "refused to evolve", not "refused to not evolve". I love Bulbasaur too, it was the Pokemon I picked when I first got Red in 1998 and I always made sure to get one in the future games. To me, it (and its evolved forms) is still my favorite of all the starters and one of my favorite in general.

5: (Black and White spoiler) Galvantula (new Bug/Electric)

4: Moltres

3: Jolteon

2: Octillery

1: Kingdra

DasmosMarch 03, 2011

(using my best tj spyke impression) zach, i think you meant to say giratina's platinium form. this is called his origin form and appears first in the pokemon platinium game.

also props, tyrantitar is my favourite pokemon too.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterMarch 03, 2011

No love for me? I picked Tyranitar as well. It is just too cool :3

ShyGuyMarch 03, 2011

James Jones seems to like Teapig and Heatmor best since he name the Funhouse after them.

EnnerMarch 04, 2011

>Also, don't tell me that's a seashell, because just look at it again. Like, for real. It's gross.
Oh God, I can't unsee it.

BeautifulShyMarch 04, 2011

Neal has a dirty mind....

Pretty good picks Pedro. Bulbasaur was my first starter as well. I'd use it and its evolutions alot all the way to the Elite 4.

As for my top 5 pokemon it is tough for me to narrow it down to five but here goes.

5. Butterfree.
4. Flareon.
3. Starme.

SupaKirbMarch 04, 2011

Josh is the only sane one here!! At least he is rational about his picks!

Josh, let's grab lunch.

NWR_JoshJosh Max, Associate EditorMarch 04, 2011

I'd love to. We can discuss how awesome Pokemon are and agree on all of them.

ShyGuyMarch 05, 2011

This sounds like the nerdiest bromance ever.

Sometimes I feel like I missed out never getting into Pokemon

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterMarch 05, 2011

Wait, Josh is the only sane here? I'm sorry, but Sumo Venusaur begs to differ...


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