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The Official Nintendo World Report PAX East 2012 Guide

by Neal Ronaghan - April 6, 2012, 9:20 am EDT
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Check out photos from this morning's Connectivity Jeopardy panel! 

Going to PAX East? We are (well, most of us), and we're super flipping excited. It will be "totally rad," which could be counted as my catchphrase because I am the only person in the site's history to use it (I checked).

First off, we've got two panels, one on Friday morning, and one on Saturday morning. We'll also be hanging out in Boston, so if you want to do fun things with us, get a handle on our Twitter accounts, what panels we recommend, and more.

The Panels

NWR Connectivity Jeopardy Live!(Friday April 6 at 10 AM in the Arachnid Theater) - Join Neal, Scott, and Lauren as they host a few short Jeopardy rounds complete with prizes, fun, and laughs (fun and laughs not guaranteed). Want to be a contestant? We'll make it clear how you can do it during the panel, but you can get a leg up by pestering us before the panel.

Radio Free Nintendo: Panel Edition Tridux(Saturday April 7 at 11:30 AM in the Arachnid Theater) - RFN makes their third trip to the hallowed PAX East ground. Jonny, Jon, James, and special guest Guillaume from Negative World will talk about Nintendo things. Naturally, there will be lots of Q&A, and there might be some long-awaited t-shirts.

Our Twitter Handles

@Nintendo_NWR - The official site one. We'll be monitoring this and posting to it throughout the weekend.

Panel Recommendations

Other Stuff
  • Post Panel Dim Sum: Last year we went and got Dim Sum after the Radio Free Nintendo. We're doing the same after the Connectivity Jeopardy panel. Come join us and eat lots of food for a low price!
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising Together Nearby Tournament: At 6 PM in the Handheld Gaming Lounge, Nintendo is hosting a Kid Icarus: Uprising tournament. You bet your ass Neal will be there trying to uphold the holy trinity of Neal, Patrick, and James Dawson for the good of all NWR.
  • Classic Arcade and Console Freeplay: You'll probably find us loitering here a lot, playing old NES, Genesis and SNES games we love. Also, playing Sega CD and hating ourselves. Check out our Twitters to see when we're in this area.
  • Tabletop: Once again, we'll play some Tabletop stuff at some point during the weekend. You might find us looking around, unable to figure out what game to play. Come help us decide!
If you're at PAX East and want to hunt us down to do things like (try to) kick our ass in Smash Bros. or play some Kid Icarus: Uprising Together Nearby, feel free to tweet us into submission. Especially Neal (@nron10), because this was all his idea.


UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorApril 04, 2012

Also while at PAX, pick me up some Kid Icarus cards. ;)

This cool cat will be there Friday.

I'll be there in spirit.

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