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PAX East 2012



KisakiProjectApril 09, 2012

Sweet.  Being on the jeopardy panel was so much fun.  The photos came out great!

These pictures are great!

How come the one used on the main page is not available in this gallery, though? I want it

roykoopa64April 09, 2012

Awesome photos, wish I could have been there!

BeautifulShyApril 09, 2012

Yeah me too Roy but I am over here on the west coast.

ShyGuyApril 09, 2012

Jonny and his gamer grub HAHAHA

Padawan of WinduApril 10, 2012

I was positively giddy to see a picture of me waiting in line on here, haha.  It was really neat meeting you guys and getting to put a face to the voices I listen to every week.

Looks like it was fun. These pictures really capture the unique and zany/nerdy energy that is PAX East.

mustbeburtApril 23, 2012

why can't i find the video of the RFN panel?

roykoopa64April 23, 2012

Quote from: mustbeburt

why can't i find the video of the RFN panel?

It's on the page for RFN podcast episode "RFN Panel Edition Tridux: Live at PAX East2012."

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