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Blah Blah Blah - GC Launch Mayhem!

Launch and Beyond

by the NWR Staff - November 18, 2001, 4:19 pm PST

Still running their mouths, Colin & Max break it down on more games appearing at, or around GameCube launch.

Max: That's about it for launch... But there are a few other games coming VERY shortly thereafter... (Editor's note: some release dates changed after this discussion - check PGC Releases for an accurate/current listing)

Colin: Hey you left out Wave Race, Max!

Max: Oh yeah? I thought you said "you have no love for Wave Race" - must I bring it up again for you to diss it once more? :-)

Max: There's no doubt that the Wave Race for N64 was amazing. But I never bought it. I always meant to get it... But after they released the Rumble-Pak version of Wave Race in Japan, I held off on buying it, intending to import that

Therefore, I'm really excited for Wave Race: Blue Storm. I'll definitely pick this one up at launch. It's really cool; great gameplay & amazing graphics.

Colin: YES! I hate me some Wave Race! Of all the Nintendo titles they could have given us at launch, we get Wave Race. Why do they always have to give me games I don't even want? Bring back a classic like Pro Wrestling or Kid Icarus! Starman on the Gamecube giving the flying cross chop to the head biting Amazon would be the $#!t.

Max: Or Duck Hunt! But you can't hold Nintendo not bringing back these classics against Wave Race! It's not fair! Or sane even!

Colin: Oh I forget to mention I don't want Wave Race because it sucks ass. While yeah there are graphical improvements, but its the same old Waverace. I want more than a slightly updated rehash. It's a rental, but not a purchase.

Max: Says you!

Colin: Says everyone I know who owns/has played it. The Nintendo name doesn't make a game must own, and I think this is a perfect example.

Max: I think Billy and Justin might disagree... But they are Wave Race FREAKS! Anywho, that's all the launch titles for now... There will be several games made available in the following days / weeks however. In fact, a couple days after launch, Ubi Soft will release DISNEY'S TARZAN UNTAMED!

It's a game of collected extreme sports titles, but man... It sounds more like a soft porn name or something... Well, except for the Disney part, which makes it even crazier.

Colin: Tarzan is one good looking game with a straight up porn name. A perfect title for parents to pick up for their kiddos. I'm not buying it, but I will rent it and play it with my niece and nephew.

Max: Yeah, my nephew is a Tarzan fan too. He makes his family watch the video repeatedly and calls him "Tars."

Universal Studio looks like it might be a good kids game too... Our UK Correspondent Karlie Yeung got to play it and said it wasn't very good. All I can say from what I've seen, Woody Woodpecker is kind of an annoying guide.

Colin: I will pretend this game is not even coming out. One time I went poop and looked back in the toilet before I flushed, cause I don't trust my own @$$, and I saw the idea for this game floating in my stool.

Max: It's certainly not one I'm in a hurry to rent...

Colin: The programmers must have scooped it before I could flush.

Max: Sega's Crazy Taxi is coming in very early December, with it's EA copycat with Simpsons, Simpsons Road Rage coming too. I might get Crazy Taxi just to play it with a controller more comfy than the Dreamcast controller. I may rent Simpsons... Just to get a few cheap laughs.

Colin: I really don't feel the need to own a game, that I've forgotten how long ago I traded in. They could at least make it worth buying by putting 1&2 together as a collection. Classic case of money hungry bastages rehashing old games on new systems. Don't buy it! Let them know you want 1&2 together, not have to buy them both seperate! By the time you buy both versions on a next gen system you could have bought a used Dreamcast, both games, and the Innovation controller adapter so you can use the comfy dual shock for probably less $cream$.

Now Simpson's is a rent before buying for this gamer. After South Park Rally... ugh... I would never consider buying a toon kart game before renting it.

Max: Yeah, but this is a toon Crazy Taxi game... Well, who am I kidding? I'm definitely not overly excited about this ripoff game, even if it does feature Springfield's favorite family. You're somewhat right about Crazy Taxi as well... Another factor of how interested I'll be will also depend on

whether or not the graphics get updated. Crazy Taxi in the arcade looks better than the DC, so you'd hope Acclaim at least makes a little effort in improving the Cube version.

Let's see... The real games I'm excited for come out on Dec. 3rd! Pikmin and Super Smash Brothers Melee. Pikmin is a lot of fun and I'm sure I could play it for hours and hours. Controlling all those lil' guys, or as the PGC crew dubbed them at E3, "the Little F**kers"... ("Look at those little f**kers go!")

Colin: Pikmin leaves me puzzled like I'm sure it does a lot of gamers. It looks lame yet fun. Minimal yet deep. I don't know what to say. I will for sure check it out though.

Max: You definitely should, I mean, Shigeru Miyamoto is heavily involved with it. He's one of the greatest game developers...

Colin: ... and dresses like Don Johnson! lol!

Shiggy Vice!
Fashion Pals: Don Johnson & Shigeru Miyamoto

Max: you get to throw them, tell them what to do, make them fight monsters and build stuff. Who's the Boss? I AM! Get to work Pikmin!

Colin: So it's kind of like a build your own sweatshop? Is Kathy Lee Gifford the tutorial guide?

Max: I don't think so! But she might be one of the monsters you fight! EAT PIKMIN YOU CHEERY FRIGHT BAG!

Colin: No way, just her voice would cause more seizures than that evil Pokemon episode did overseas.

Max: No shit baby!

Kathie Lee Gifford punishes Pikmin
Kathie Lee Gifford is a Cruel Mistress

Max: Smash Brothers is hands down the game I'm most excited about... I dunno about you, but I loved the original. Packed with so much Nintendo-nostalgia, this new game has so many characters, so many stages and improves everything from the already great first game. It's anything but just a re-hash. This is going to be a game that sells controllers too - the multiplayer is off the hook!

Colin: Agreed! Though I never got too into the original, it was very enjoyable. I am most excited about who all will be in it. I have heard rumors of over 100 characters! There has to be an Eggplant Wizard in that batch of playables!

Max:: Well, it's not quite over 100 characters that are playable, but there are over 100 trophies, with info on many classic characters. I bet Eggplant Wizard is in there! As for playable characters, I'm sure we should get some interesting ones!

Not only is multiplayer a blast in Smash, the single player mode is supposedly far better than the original too.

Colin: I would hope. If they could find a good balance between the on player and multiplayer experience I would be a happy camper.

Max: I think a lot of Nintendophiles are going to be happy with Smash Brothers.

Colin: And pedophiles will love to watch the kids play it!

Oh damn, I just went Family Guy wrong on that shit.

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