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Episode 69: The War-Torn Episode

by Karl Castaneda - September 12, 2007, 5:52 am PDT
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The show in which Obi hates Metroid, Jonny loves the The Fugees, and Karl is denied his "90s cred."

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Mike, get off your freaking computer.

After a couple of rough patches in the last couple of episodes, we're back in full form for an effortlessly crafted RFN. Both Mike Sklens and myself jump back in the game, and it seems like it was just in time, too, since this week was host to a ton of news, including the new information surrounding the Wii Zapper, Iwata's vow that Nintendo won't become arrogant, and that Harvey Birdman is going to rock the Wii.

There's a heck of a lot more, though. Mike and Jonny debate on whether or not Metroid Prime 3 is really as good as everyone says, and for the feature segment, we take war games to task on their historical and moral value.

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And with that, see you next week!


This podcast was edited by Karl Castaneda.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can also purchase their album directly from the iTunes Music Store


DarkheartSeptember 12, 2007

Guys I was touched by the end of the podcast. That was one of the most insightful beautifully said discussions about video games and war I have ever heard. Johnny was just on top of the game the whole podcast.

Bravo guys Bravo I hope for many more that end up like this.


EntroperSeptember 12, 2007

I got the Zero Punctuation reference.

The other "multitap" for the NES was the NES Satellite, which did use infrared. You plugged your four controllers into the satellite normally, but it transmitted via infrared to a box plugged into the controller ports on the Control Deck. The Four Score was just your basic 4-way multitap with no wirelessness. I mentioned this in the Virtual Console Mondays thread. face-icon-small-smile.gif

Duck Hunt is in Wii Play! There's duck shooting (and the dog barks to let you know they're about to come), clay pigeon shooting, and even a bonus barrel juggling level from Hogan's Alley.

ShyGuySeptember 13, 2007

You too good for the forums Obi? Won't associate with us lowly forum goers who enjoy Metroid Prime 3? You think your better than me? YEAH.

Karl Castaneda #2September 13, 2007

Just for fun, I went ahead and checked out the episode count for the various people who've been on the show. The results may surprise you:

In Descending Order

1. Karl Castaneda: 53 Appearances
2. Mike Sklens: 38 Appearances
3. Jonathan Metts: 30 Appearances
4. Evan Burchfield: 19 Appearances
5. Steven Rodgriguez: 16 Appearances
6. Stan Ferguson (Staff Alumnus): 11 Appearances
7. Michael "TYP" Cole: 6 Appearances
8. Jon Lindemann: 4 Appearances
9. Dan Bloodworth (Staff Alumnus): 4 Appearances
10. Chris Kohler (Special Guest): 3 Appearances
11. Mike Gamin: 2 Appearances
12. Ty Shughart: 1 Appearance
13. Lasse Pallesen: 1 Appearance
14. Mike Thomsen: 1 Appearance
15. Billy Berghammer (Special Guest): 1 Appearance
16. Ken Chan (Special Guest): 1 Appearance

There's a lost episode that features Rick Powers and Aaron Kaluszka, but it was never edited/released. The premise ended up being used again for Game Marketing 101, featuring Stan, Obi, and Ken Chan.

ShyGuySeptember 13, 2007

Billy isn't Alumnus?

Karl Castaneda #2September 13, 2007

Well, yes, but unlike the others, when he came on the show, he wasn't on the staff. Dan and Stan were both Content Editor and Sports Editor, respectively, for their appearances.

vuduSeptember 13, 2007

Kohler's been on RFN three times? I can only remember once (talking about SPM).

Also, I'm really surprised by Windy's count; it seems like he was on much more than that. Which reminds me--where's he been lately?

I can't believe Obi has been on more times than me. This will not stand.

tacky fadSeptember 13, 2007

That WW2 thing had to be the stupidest video game related thing I have heard or read since JB117 tried to pitch the inane idea of a Retro-made first-person football game where you play a lineman and spew profanities and threaten to eat other players' kids a few years back on GAF. Seriously.face-icon-small-disgusted.gif

I think you're combining two or maybe three ideas I've had over the years. And it would be nice if you contributed more than "it's stupid".

vuduSeptember 14, 2007


Direct quote by: Karl
I have to beat Mike off ....

MashiroSeptember 14, 2007

Another good podcast.

The discussion at the end was far from "stupid" and actually quite relevant and I found myself agreeing with your assessment of war games.

I am proud to say I have never purchased any of those god forsaken war games =)

Edit: Though I was severely disappointed with the lack of knowledge on the Sonic 3 / Sonic and Knuckles games.

Here's the story: Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles are actually meant to be one big game (Sonic 3) but they could not fit all the data onto a single cart. Hence they made the whole "lock on" system and released Sonic and Knuckles. So, really, Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic 3 locked on is the FULL Sonic 3 experience as it becomes the full game that was intended to be released. This is why S&K starts right where Sonic 3 leaves off =).

DjunknownSeptember 15, 2007

Mashiro hit it on the nose with Sonic and Knuckles. S&K would be considered Sonic 3.5

Playing with Knuckles or Tails makes the difference. With Sonic, he got to use the shields to their full extent. He'd get a fire dash with the flame shield, the double jump with the electric shield, and the bouncing effect with the water shield. The other two can't do that, only use its passive abilities.

Tails could fly and swim to areas that Sonic alone couldn't go. Even then, Tails couldn't carry Sonic in the water. Knuckles couldn't jump as high, making a few bosses a little tricky. Also, his gliding abilities gave him some extra offense since his knuckles could pierce some enemies, making him a real airborne threat in comparison to Tails, who had to watch where he was going. Climbing up walls made for some interesting strategies (especially when locked on to Sonic 2), try it some time!

I haven't completed MP3 yet, but what I can say is that with this title, Retro has completed in assimilating this franchise as their own. They did things that Yunpei and the old R&D 1 wouldn't even consider. The single act of making Samus a part of an overall conflict, interacting with non-hostile people is a 'Prime' example (no pun intended.)

The last segment is definitely one of the best this year. I'll save my other comments for the other thread.

nickmitchSeptember 15, 2007

For the record: Fugees always equate to awesomeness.

face-icon-small-music.gifStrumming my pain with his fingers!face-icon-small-music.gif

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorSeptember 18, 2007

Man. I was bummed about Crossbow training. Then I listened to you guys bash on it and talk about possibilities.

Then I was like... wow, I can't wait for this game. face-icon-small-smile.gif

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