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Episode 57: Championship Edition

by Steven Rodriguez - June 22, 2007, 2:13 pm PDT
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Mike is back hosting, but only because Karl is on his way to college!

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Pac-Man Fever is Back!

To those expecting to see the latest RFN yesterday, we need to apologize. You see, the podcast was done and ready to go for yesterday, as was the accompanying article. The problem was, we forgot to unhide it on the site. We thought we made it visible, but then the hate mail came pouring in. We have corrected our error, and now the episode has been released from the realms of the unseen.

You'll hear things a bit differently this week. First of all, Mike Sklens is filling in for "Hot" Karl Castaneda while he goes away to college. Mike Gamin decides to tag along with me to round out the show. To detail our more permanent changes, we've moved our Hot Topic section into the Community segment, where it belongs. VC Mondays has shifted over to news as a result, something that also makes more sense now that we've given it a proper thought.

So what's on the show? We talk up Pac-Man CE and why it's awesome, then get back on the Nintendo track with the news, including the much bally-hooed May NPD numbers. For our feature, we discuss things we feel every game should have, be they technical or wishful. After you hear us talk about them, you'll wonder why your games don't have most of the stuff we rattled on about.

Get to listenin' already!


This podcast was edited by Mike Sklens.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can also purchase their album directly from the iTunes Music Store


CericJune 22, 2007

NWR is ran by convicts!!!!

Hey, are you telling me all my hardwork is useless? (NPD Numbers type stuff)
The real thing that I thought was interesting was how long it will take the DS to catch up to the GBA compared to Japan.

Remember Wii is still hard to fine.

Nah, Its the women market.

Its also super advertised.(From the beginning to this point in the podcast I have seen 3 commercials for it)

Tank in Wiiplay? Its awesome and I just got into Rally. I don't anymore.

True non-versus 2-player mode. Attention to the sound with true meaningful 3D sound. Attention to the Singleplayer mode. In a clan type games I would like a record and notate feature.

(Can you have a score board for wrench users?)

I agree about easy to use menues. Good example at this moment would be RE4s bad decision of text color for one point.

I agree. Give all the options possible. Its like having only mouse option on a cash register. You can fly with a keyboard setup can't with a mouse. MP2's menu...

I also think that RPGs that have Yes/No type questions should adopt the pokemon approach where one button is automatically the no option when you press it and one is the yes and each progress the text.

You think it silly but go and play Sonic Secret Ring with the Japanese voices (w/English Subs) and I dare you to tell me it wasn't much much better.

I do love statistics and achievements based on stats.

A Wii Channel that graphs your usage. Breaks time stats per game per genre.

It's a game in itself. Like people who collect photos from unique photobooths.

Yes, that definetly need to change. (MM Collection)

lol. Map waggle.

Every game should have Brufus.

Karl Castaneda #2June 23, 2007

I'm back in action! I'll be back next week, folks!

Ohoh! Are you suggesting, kind sirs, at 18:55 abouts, that we'll get new Mii features to use??? Ohoho!

Heeheeheeheee May NPD ammo!!!

Oh wow... 40 minutes? This is a really lean podcast guys!!!

ShyGuyJune 23, 2007

More like Radio Free Microsoft, M I RITE?

I don't understand achievement points. But I don't understand message board post counts either, so there ya go.

nickmitchJune 24, 2007

Um, not that I'm an expert or anything, but about Disney having the rights to Power Rangers, it makes sense. See, Power Rangers used to air it's new episodes on Fox Family Channel (Wild Force). That then became ABC Family, which began running a Saturday/Sunday morning lineup (Jetix) which featured Power Rangers as well as some Toon Disney programs. Then ABC relaunched it's "One Saturday Morning" program (later changed to Jetix). Then Disney cross promoted it's shows for the lineup (That's So Raven, etc). So, somewhere down the line they could have gotten the rights. I don't know where/when it airs now.

I try to avoid the Disney Channel, but I have seen commercials for Power Rangers on there. When I was a kid, the Disney Channel didn't even HAVE commercials.

vuduJune 28, 2007

I find it funny that even though you replaced Whacha Been Playing with New Biz-ness, Windy still talks about what new game he's been playing. face-icon-small-happy.gif

EDIT: Is it just me, or does Obi sound bitter/angry? He calls anyone who cares about NPD numbers stupid, he rags on Mario Party 8, he brushes over Virtual Console.... Boo! Bring back Karl!

EDIT #2: Obi, question for you about Live Achievements; you mentioned that you play certain games obsessively for the sole purpose of earning Achievements. Once you get them, does your drive to play the game drop dramatically and you feel it's time to move onto the next game, or are you still just as happy playing the game even if you're not working towards something?

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