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Episode 55: Howl of the Wind

by Karl Castaneda - June 6, 2007, 8:52 pm PDT
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Holy [expletive deleted]!

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As per federal regulations, there is 100% less Burchfield in this podcast.

It's been 15 episodes, but Steven "WindyMan" Rodriguez is back on the podcast to tell us how wrong we all are about everything (and how we're "all fired"). Along for the ride are show regulars Jonathan Metts and Mike Sklens, and together, the three of them making hosting very difficult for yours truly. I push onwards, however, because I'm awesome and that's just how I roll.

It was kind of a slow news week, but our general tomfoolery adds tons of content to the package. Look forward to hearing a lot about data storage, RickRolling, the prospects of a Mario Kart Wii announcement, and a hefty discussion on the status of Virtual Console.

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This podcast was edited by Mike Sklens. Commercial performed by Karl Castaneda and Jonathan Metts.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can also purchase their album directly from the iTunes Music Store


ShyGuyJune 06, 2007


I appreciate that.

Karl Castaneda #2June 06, 2007

Not on the East Coast. I was going to hold it for the next three hours, but eh.

Caffeinated CheeseJune 06, 2007

Weee! Today is tomorrow! Hooray!

Comments later.

Vote: Khushrenada

Later: You people and your not being able to find Mega Man X3! I picked that up right away when it came out for the SNES. IIRC, I actually was able to get it from Wal-Mart before street date. Kirby's Super Star should come out, because it's never been released outside of the SNES. What would I want from the Virtual Console? Claymates. I rented it once long, long ago, when I was a young child, and now, I've never been able to find it again. It probably was a terrible game that I wouldn't like now, but I have to wonder if it was or not. Past that, I'd like Bonk 3, since I've never played it, Legend of the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, since I only rented it, along with its sequel, whatever the name of that was, but I believe it was the only four player sidescroller on the 64.
I'd also like Super Mario RPG, since a friend of mine borrowed it and hasn't given it back for about two years.

Beyond that, I think I either own the big games for, have owned them, or don't want them, but I'm not too certain. You all tell me.

18 DaysJune 06, 2007


I hated Super Mario Bros 2. That game is TERRIBLE. I had the rug pulled from under me.

CericJune 06, 2007

I'm in the same boat in Actraiser.

I don't like it without a way to recover.

Second about the health thing.

I'm the opposite I wanted Zelda 2 now and I could wait a year for Super Metroid.

Actraiser is great. I vote for best on VC.

True. N64 games need more variety.

I own Starfox and thats it because my N64 isn't mine anymore.

I agree. Just get X-Collection.


Patchkid15Patrick Barnett, Associate EditorJune 07, 2007

i have zelda 2 on the GBA and it is actually pretty challenging.

MashiroJune 07, 2007

I never played through many FF games but I feel like a champ now for beating Culex in Mario RPG if he is really considered harder than most FF bosses. =)

Edit: Agree with the Wind Waker remarks.

COMPLETELY AGREE with Super Metroid.

Super Metroid is incredibly fun, I've played through it so many times in my life and it never gets old. I was shocked when Super Metroid wasn't #100 with the huge deal made over it, especially since Super Metroid was such a well received title AND the fact that it hasn't been re-released in any form on any platform.

. . . lawl Rickrolled.

ShyGuyJune 07, 2007

Mike's uh, mike always makes it sound like he is in the background, having the conversation from across the room.

vuduJune 07, 2007

Mike's mic; not Mike's mike.

Karl Castaneda #2June 07, 2007


Originally posted by: ShyGuy
Mike's uh, mike always makes it sound like he is in the background, having the conversation from across the room.

Yeah, Mike records with the audio capture from his iSight camera. That's why it usually sounds a little different.

wanderingJune 07, 2007

When I tried to play the episode on my wii, I got this message:


241001: Not enough memory to display flash content. Try reloading the page.

All: "Milon's"

Rehearsed spontaneity proceeded by Rick-roll round 2. This podcast needs more DKRap-roll. Be a pioneer.

Karl Castaneda #2June 07, 2007

When everyone corrected me, that actually wasn't rehearesed. It was just one of those perfect moments.

Smoke39June 07, 2007


Originally posted by: thatguy
Legend of the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, since I only rented it, along with its sequel, whatever the name of that was, but I believe it was the only four player sidescroller on the 64.

Goemon's Great Adventure. I never figured out how to unlock the 4-player mode.

Caffeinated CheeseJune 07, 2007

I'm pretty sure as you unlocked each character, you unlocked an extra player. It's hard to remember, because I only played it once at a friend's place, and some other big hit had just come out that we wanted to focus on. It sure is a rare game, though.

Smoke39June 07, 2007

Nope. You have to collect all of something or something like that.

Here we go, GameFAQs says:
"After collecting all 44 entry passes, you can have a 4-player game. To do this, have a 2-player game then add controllers to sockets 3 and/or 4. When in the game, press Right-C and Start on controller 3 and/or 4 and an extra player will appear!"

I didn't know it was rare, though I'm not surprised; no one in the US seems to care about Goemon. ): Glad I got a copy when it came out. :D

Goemon's Great Adventure is extremely difficult. I liked the idea of the game but couldn't get very far into it.

Ugh this episode really was way too long. As soon as we finished recording it, we started talking about ways to reduce the length in the future.

ShyGuyJune 08, 2007

The virtual console thing seemed to drag it out, but there was a lot of material to cover.

I kind of like it long. I can start it up when I sit down to work on a project. I'll usually have the project hashed out by the time it finishes. But I have to say the folder iTunes is putting it in is getting really big. 1.25 gigs of RFN. 1 day, 3 hours, 25 minutes, and 43 seconds of RFN podcasts.

CericJune 08, 2007

I sort of stop listening consistently when the what-cha playing section started. Though I think it is important for the people doing it and to get discussion started.

Tigris AltaicaJune 08, 2007

Actually, compared to last week's this was pretty much spot on.

vuduJune 11, 2007

So what happened to the user-submitted segment that was supposed to be aired on the anniversary episode? First it was delayed; has it been totally canceled now?

Karl Castaneda #2June 11, 2007

Pretty much, vudu. We just didn't receive enough quality content that would fit into the show. It's unfortunate, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Patchkid15Patrick Barnett, Associate EditorJune 11, 2007

could we still send stuff in and maybe it get on the show.

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