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Episode 54: The Epic

by Karl Castaneda - May 31, 2007, 4:48 pm PDT
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Dig in - this one's a monster.

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I gave Evan my Alakazam earlier this week. I hope he takes care of it...

If you look back on past episodes, you'll notice that the vast majority of them are only around 40 minutes. Internally, we call this the "sweet spot." This week, we figure - we want to be more than sweet, so grab a couple bags of popcorn, a soda pop, and possibly some camping gear, because this episode is nearly 85 minutes. Was it our intention to go this long? Yes. Yes it was.


You'll also no doubt notice this is going up on a Thursday. This isn't because we were lazy this week - no, this time there's an actual reason! See, we changed schedules as of this week, so instead of recording on Sunday nights, it's become a Monday night affair. This allows us to bring you more current Virtual Console Mondays coverage, and also the opportunity to provide more diversity among the featured podcasters. We'll still need the same amount of post-production time, though, so we're also pushing the publish date back a day. RFN is now a Thursday affair!

Ack! Look at all that I've written - I haven't even told you what happens in this episode. Well, Evan and Mike are back, so if you enjoyed our Birthday Bash a couple weeks ago, you're going to love this: this is a high-energy marathon covering topics ranging from the awesomeness of ActRaiser to Guitar Hero III details. You definitely don't want to miss it.


This podcast was edited by Karl Castaneda. Commercials performed by Karl Castaneda and Jonathan Metts.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can also purchase their album directly from the iTunes Music Store


Caffeinated CheeseMay 31, 2007

You tried way to hard on that Rickroll.

ShyGuyMay 31, 2007

Was Karl talking to someone else during the listener question?

CalibanMay 31, 2007

It's a good thing that I can grind in a Pokemon game with the sound off and instead listen to 85 minutes of this podcast, otherwise, halfway through my attention span would had shut off, it was a great podcast.

Ah, I was hoping Karl would cut down that commercial he and I made, but I guess he had trouble with the audio synch. I recorded the whole thing so he could choose his favorite part out of it; I never intended him to use the whole song. ~le sigh~

ShyGuyMay 31, 2007

Nah, the Rick Roll (GAF meme?) thing was great. It was funny, then it stopped being funny, then it got funny again because it was so long.

I liked the 4 person lineup this week, very lively. Dare I say, 1upyours-ish?

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusMay 31, 2007


Rick Roll was.. erm... weird. The singing wasn't half bad.

TansunnJune 01, 2007

Re: DVD playback.

Wouldn't it be possible for Nintendo to release a new channel or firmware update for DVD playback? Or am I incorrect about the discs being DVD format?

The game discs are (encrypted) DVDs, but there is a certain fee per hardware unit for enabling DVD movie playback. I suppose Nintendo could include that cost into the download price of a new DVD Movie Channel, but that would likely make the channel cost $20 or more, and you have to wonder who would find that to be a good value.

TansunnJune 01, 2007

Well, for someone who doesn't already have a good player, that'd be fantastic. Right now all I've got is a cruddy little portable system (the video output comes from a 1/8" jack) and I'd gladly pay $20 to have my Wii play DVDs through component cables and with true 16:9 without having to use the TV's zoom feature, even if the Wii only outputs 480p.

I'd just like to point out that Brian Lynch, the writer tapped for the Sims Movie, is not responsible for Norbit and Eragon. He's actually responsible for great comedy such as Big Helium Dog, Angry Naked Pat and Monkey Man.
The person that should be chastised and looked down upon for being part of Norbit and Eragon is the producer, John Davis.
That is all.

Karl Castaneda #2June 03, 2007

So guys, what do you think is the optimal running time for RFN? 1 hour? 45 minutes? Did you prefer the 25-minute bursts of the original episodes?

ShyGuyJune 03, 2007

Half Hour hard news and commentary: Half Hour off topic rambling.

I love the one-hour "Whatcha Been Playin" of 1up Yours, but they are a multi-platform site and have more access to upcoming games than we do.

vuduJune 04, 2007

I tend to like the shorter episodes more. I would cut out the Whatcha Been Playin segment completely. There's only so many times the answer can be "Pokemon, Super Paper Mario and whatever VC title I had to review this week" before it starts to get old. Unless someone has been playing something no one else is (import title, unreleased game, etc) it's kind of boring.

wanderingJune 04, 2007

It's better to leave people wanting more than it is to leave people wanting less. I think you should make the podcast shorter each week, until you are constantly bombarded by letters complaining that the show is too short, and aren't getting any letters complaining that the show is too long.

ShyGuyJune 04, 2007

how bout we work on a steady stream of any kind of letters? face-icon-small-wink.gif

I like the whatcha been playing segments. Expand it to "whatcha been watching" and "watcha been listening too" after the Karl does his painful digg url recitation.

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