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Episode 52: Birthday Crosstalk Extravaganza

by Jonathan Metts - May 16, 2007, 8:20 pm PDT
Total comments: 23

Evan returns to sabotage the festivities! This episode is guaranteed to make you laugh, or your money back.

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This is why we try to avoid four-man podcasting.

This is our fifty-second RFN podcast, and not only is that how many weeks are in a year, but in a bizarre quirk of scheduling, it has actually been one year since our first episode aired. Mike Sklens and Evan Burchfield fired up this crazy train on May 17, 2006, and thanks to a miracle and endless begging, Evan and Mike are back together again on this birthday edition. Joining the co-founders are the latter day podcast gurus, Karl Castaneda and Jonathan Metts.

We don't often record with four people, and this week you may hear why. It's a veritable cacophony at times, but the talk soup (or chat stew?) also yields degrees of hilarity rarely achieved on these airwaves.

The show starts with blooper-filled introductions and some twenty minutes of what we've been playing, which of course includes Pokemon and a lot of Wii. We breeze through community features and spend a bit more time on last week's "E3-But-Not" news explosion. The feature discussion is an RFN retrospective, naturally, and it quickly devolves into name-calling and hysteria, naturally.

Of course, in our excitement to have Evan once again held mercy to our verbal abuse, we forgot to thank the most important people in this production -- you, the listeners! Wa-hey, my microphone is sinking into the floor! The orchestra is drowning me out! My courageous donning of a red and yellow ribbon to support righteous cause X has in fact accomplished nothing! Goodbye, sweet world...


This podcast was edited by Mike Sklens. Commercial performed by Jonathan Metts.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can also purchase their album directly from the iTunes Music Store




... you guys are freaking disconnected from reality... Goemon! On SNES! You guys.... YOU! You who gave.... you guys SUCK! *runs away crying*

Caffeinated CheeseMay 16, 2007

Kairon could use a brain slug right now.


Woah, for a second there, when you guys were reading the elebits story, I thought you were talking right to me because... well... my name is "Cai."

And what I need is my signature back. It actually behaved as a behavioral modulator, I have been classically conditioned to calm down in all respects when aided with the meditative properties of a speedy ~Carmin YOU BANNED MY NAME!!!


Caffeinated CheeseMay 16, 2007

Starbucks? In Florida? This isn't Seattle, those things are pretty rare in these parts, still. Though, on UF's campus alone, I think there maybe over five, my home town is getting the first one there built now. It just isn't too common in these parts.

DasmosMay 16, 2007

I believed I was promised my money back?

PayPal or cheque will be fine

ShyGuyMay 16, 2007

Evan has teh returned!

That was an awesome podcast. I think the reason why Evan works so well on the podcast was the amount of conflict he brings to the discussions. High energy!

I'm going to write a letter to RFN discussing cheese crackers.

edit: What's with the GameJew hate?

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorMay 17, 2007

So just last Saturday I went to a TMBG show... And at one point they played Birdhouse in your Soul and I danced and sang...

Then I remembered Karaoke at E3...

Then I remembered that it was almost a year ago from that moment exactly.

Then I was sad again.

nickmitchMay 17, 2007

Pale needs a hug.

SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusMay 17, 2007

We should start our own convention.

ShyGuyMay 17, 2007

Why don't you all go to PAX? I'll be there face-icon-small-wink.gif

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorMay 17, 2007

I'd love to hit PAX this year...

It isn't completely out of the question, but extremely doubtful.

Caffeinated CheeseMay 17, 2007

I think almost everyone would love to go to PAX. I would, but flying across the country right at the start of a new semester is out of question, unfortunately. Although my family was considering going to Arizona for the NCAA Football National Championship on the start of the Spring semester. Heck, I still might consider it for next year, though. I couldn't this year, anyways.

SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusMay 18, 2007

Shy, you live in Washington don't you? I'm only a day's drive away from Seattle, perhaps I will try to make it.

ShyGuyMay 18, 2007

Who else is in the Northwest? There is another forum goer from Oregon, and Golden Phoenix is on the coast. Really, the Southern California NWR peeps are only a short flight away from Seattle.

vuduMay 18, 2007

I miss the early days of the podcast where it was just Evan and Obi rambling about incoherent nonsense in a family-friendly environment. Don't tell Karl, but he's the worst thing to happen to the podcast (no offense face-icon-small-smile.gif). I think he secretly wants to be a part of 1up Yours.

You can't blame Karl for the explicit tags. It's almost always Mike who starts the swearing, and it's him who continues it once the dam has been breached.

Karl Castaneda #2May 18, 2007

Hey vudu, none taken. I know my style is a little different from Obi and Evan's, and I also know that this means it's not for everyone. My attitude with podcasts has always been to be up-front and loose, so I can see why you would see parallels with 1Up Yours (it's one of my favorite podcasts, so it's definitely possible that I've been influenced by them). I think, in general, we have enough diversity among the regulars that you can find one of us to identify with, though, so even if you're not a big fan of mine on RFN, I hope you're a fan of Mike, or Jonny, or another contributor. face-icon-small-smile.gif

TrueNerdMay 25, 2007

I'm late to the party but that podcast was probably the funniest one you've done. Congrats on one year, and like Jonny, I hope Evan shows up more in the future.

EntroperMay 31, 2007

The FF4 camp is NOT small. face-icon-small-smile.gif

SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusMay 31, 2007

I think two people is pretty small.

EntroperJune 01, 2007


Originally posted by: Svevan
I think two people is pretty small.

Sadface. face-icon-small-frown.gif

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