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Nintendo Characters that Deserve to be Super Smash Bros. DLC

by Justin Berube - March 20, 2015, 9:53 am PDT
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We take a look at 13 worthy contenders.

It’s been known for a while now that Mewtwo will be coming to the latest Smash Bros. games as DLC. But does the DLC really have to stop there? I don’t think so.

Adding Smash Bros. characters to the roster not only pleases fans, but allows Nintendo to earn more money off an already shipped product. On top of that, Nintendo could also use new characters as a way to promote upcoming games. It just seems like a no-brainer.

So continue through the next few pages to see my list of the top 13 characters I’d like to see added to the current Super Smash Bros. roster.

Have a pick of your own you’d like to see? Let me hear about it in the comments section below!


PhilPhillip Stortzum, March 20, 2015

Would love to see Wonder Red from The Wonderful 101 or Ray MK from Custom Robo.

ShyGuyMarch 20, 2015

No Ridley??

They should put in Kraid just to troll people. I wouldn't put it past Sakurai.

I think Shovel Knight would be a sweet and achievable third party pick.

ThunderRazorMarch 20, 2015

I'd like to see Professor Layton actually!

Ice Climbers was in the game but they didn't work on the 3DS for some reason.  Sakurai-san said they couldn't debug the issues and had to drop the characters.  They wanted the same characters in both titles and they wanted them all to play exactly the same, so when they were dropped from the 3DS they were also dropped from the Wii U.  He said there were other dropped characters but didn't say which ones.  They still wanted 50 characters so they had to cheat and split out some: Zelda-Sheik, Samus-ZeroSuit, Marth-Lucina (originally she was just a skin for Marth), Pit-Dark Pit (also originally just a skin).  After splitting out the characters Sakurai-san said he liked the way they played on their own more, so he was happy with the move even though it wasn't originally planned.

I believe Sakurai-san commented on Daisy and said they didn't see her as having a very unique move set vs. Peach so she wasn't included.  I still think they should have given Peach a Daisy skin and called her as such during character selection and victory pages, much like Alph.

Sakurai-san said that Ridley could not be a playable character because he is much larger and scarier than most playable characters.  He said he would have had to dumb down Ridley to make him playable and that wasn't acceptable.  This logic also applies to Ganon not being playable.

ForgottenPearlMarch 20, 2015

Meowth?  We don't need another 1st-gen Pokemon.  The 9-Volt idea is interesting, though, and so is the Splatoon Inkling.  And I miss the Ice Climbers.

The size criticism of Ridley is a total cop-out. If they can bring Olimar up to the size of the other characters they can shrink Ridley down to it.

kevtronMarch 20, 2015

I like a lot of these picks. a few of my own to add:

Hammer as her primary weapon. She could even use the minis from Mario v. DK

Captain Toad/Toadette
They could stay true to no-jumping by having them toss each other like ice climbers did. Also, that crazy pick axe as the final smash!


Koopa Troopa/ParaTroopa
I imagine a fighting style similar to squirtle from Brawl

Mop it upMarch 20, 2015

I don't really want any of these, except for Ice Climbers. Most of them would be too cloney or otherwise uninteresting.

KhushrenadaMarch 20, 2015

K. Rool could be interesting. Just look at all the boss fights he's been in with different attacks in the DKC games and DK64. Of all the new characters listed, he's the one with the greatest move set variety to choose from.

AdrockMarch 20, 2015

Most potential clone characters make more sense than Dr. Mario. Why does Mario hit harder just because he put on a lab coat? The clones in the new games never made much sense to me due to the custom moves. Just replace some moves and the characters would feel as clone-like. Still, I much prefer Lucina to Marth because I'm not very good at the game and Lucina plays like Marth-for-Dummies. Also, most of her voice clips are delightfully arrogant. "You'll never defeat me!" Classic Lucina.

Anyway, most of the choices in the article are sound.

Quote from: Adrock

Why does Mario hit harder just because he put on a lab coat?

He's putting to use the extra knowledge of anatomy he learned in medical school to go after the weaker points on his opponents.

SorenMarch 20, 2015

We already have Little Mac, how about the dude from Kung Fu?

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterMarch 20, 2015

No Ridley?  :(

NO RIDLEY!?!?!?!?!?!?  :@

I do like most of your picks though.

Sakurai's excuse for Ridley is just as lame as Mii's and the Villager being too peaceful to participate in Smash. Sakurai's excuse for Ridley is just as lame as not being able to imagine Pac Man as a fighter for Brawl.
Sakurai's excuse for Ridley is just PR BS and we all know it!

If you examined everything he said about Ridley during that IGN interview you can find a clear exception already in the game and playable! As a matter of fact I'm going to look up that interview and point out the BS. I'd rather Sakurai just say that Ridley being playable doesn't fit his vision. Of course that wouldn't go over well with most fans, so PR BS is the way to go.

Please appreciate- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39QYYVkM70Y

When more things like this get made and get popular, it will catch Sakurai's eye. At some point I am convinced he will change his tune and see Ridley in a different light.

Evan_BMarch 20, 2015

This topic seems a bit tired. I've said it once, and I'll say it again- 9-Volt is a "literally who" character that I never heard of until your FIRST article discussing who you wanted on Smash Bros.

Anyway, a lot of these choices are Assist Trophies, etc so I wouldn't expect much. The only characters I could logically see happening are those cut from Brawl that don't include technical limitations, like Wolf and Lucas.

I don't see why someone being a relative unknown would prevent them from being in Smash Bros., there have been tons of examples of those in the series. I bet more people know who 9-Volt is now than knew who Marth was in 2001.

SorenMarch 20, 2015

Shulk was way more obscure than 9-Volt when he got confirmed for Smash.

marvel_moviefan_2012March 21, 2015

if Ice Climbers can't be in 3DS put them in New 3DS and screw the 3DS market. I would also love to see the Splatoon people get added in right away that game is going to need all the marketing tie in's it can get it's hands on. Plus it already feels like classic Nintendo so it needs to be included ASAP.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterMarch 21, 2015

Did anyone see this video here? Who doesn't want that?! Show your self!

Now Sakurai just reiterated that we will see Mewtwo shortly. Chances are Mewtwo will be the only character but does anyone believe that Mewtwo will be the only one that we will see release?

I'm certain Mewtwo was being worked on much longer than Sakurai led on and I also certain Mewtwo won't be alone.

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