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Staff Sez: The Smash Ballot

by the NWR Staff - April 24, 2015, 3:36 am PDT
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There is only one rule: No Goku.

Now that Nintendo has thrown the door wide open (allegedly) for potential new Smash challengers, the Nintendo World Report staff has drawn their lines in the sand and started stuffing the ballot box with their favorites.

Do any of your picks match ours? Do you think we're nuts? Well, too bad. But drop a line in the Talkback section below and let us know what you think.

Let's meet the new challengers...

Neal "Butt Butt" Ronaghan:

Shovel Knight because that's what my heart says. Wolf because that is likely who it will end up being.

JP "Jozy Altidore Wouldn't Return Our Calls" Corbran:

Since Ridley’s apparently off-limits I figure I’ll pull for Kraid.

Justin "I Already Did A Feature On This" Berube:

I'm not voting for one character, I'm voting for two! The Ice Climbers because they are the most unique characters to play as in Smash history.

Zach "RET-2-GO" Miller:

Seriously, Shantae would be great. Her moveset is varied enough and her transformations would provide interesting special attacks.

Donald "No Danganronpa Allowed" Theriault:

Chie Satonaka from Persona Q, since she can punt Landmasters and Smash remixes of Persona music would be the greatest music ever composed.

Mike "Egg On Your Face" Sklens:

Birdo! She's weird and Smash could always use more weird classic characters. Plus the intro phrase: "Birdo transitions into battle!"

Bryan "Also Voting For Big Show" Rose:

Shadow the Hedgehog because he's way cooler than Sonic. He has a gun and says edgy things like "hell" and "damn". Real answer: Waluigi. He has charisma. But needs a gimmick. Smash Bros. will help that.

Michael "Wet Letter" Cole:

Mike Jones from Star Tropics. He can put bananas in his ears and everything! Also, Japanese gamers would probably enjoy learning about a Nintendo series only released in the west through Smash Bros., just as Melee introduced westerners to Fire Emblem.

Danny "He's No Jon Lindemann" Bivens:

The OTHER Mike Jones. He's a rapper and in his song "Still Tippin'" referenced the GameCube for some reason.

James "No Fun Allowed" Charlton:

The unpopular opinion: I don't want anymore characters in Smash. There are over 50 already. Leave it alone. More modes and a fixed menu? Yes please!

Zack "Greedo Shot First" Kaplan:

Dash Rendar because Star Wars is forever.



Why go with Jozy? Especially with TFC still managing to suck despite having nearly twice the payroll of anyone else.

LazersApril 24, 2015

I really hope Sakurai sees the strong anti-Goku sentiment and puts him in for that very reason. Or alternatively: "Alright, I heard you guys, no Goku. Here's Vegeta."

DonkeyBilly KongApril 24, 2015

I actually like the idea of Goku in Smash Brothers, apart from all the history behind it.  Of the staffer's choices, I think Birdo and Mike Jones would be the most interesting to play.  Birdo's Amiibo could vibrate.

Ian SaneApril 24, 2015

How about Iwata?  He's fairly polarizing so people that like him can play as him and people that don't get to set him as a computer opponent and kick his ass.  That's the beauty of fighting games - someone can be your hero or your punching bag!

Reggie would work too.  "This is for not wanting to translate Xenoblade, you pizza shilling bastard!" *SMASH*

KhushrenadaApril 24, 2015

Soooooo, pizza is a bad thing?

AdrockApril 24, 2015

I'm anti-Goku only because I like the must-have-originated-in-video-games-and-been-on-Nintendo-hardware rule. That's a good place to draw the line.

If Ice Climbers are out due to the 3DS Version, my pick is Midna. I've been too lazy to actually cast my vote. I'll get around to it.

Quote from: NWR_insanolord

Why go with Jozy? Especially with TFC still managing to suck despite having nearly twice the payroll of anyone else.

Pretty sure if we went with Landon Donovan you would've skipped forum posting and gone straight to violence.

KhushrenadaApril 24, 2015

Pfh. Violence should always be the first answer no matter the problem.

Mop it upApril 25, 2015

These are some more inspired choices at least.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterApril 27, 2015

God I am surrounded! It's like mutiny 'round here!

It's Ridley or nothing you knaves! Think of the bigger picture! If not for this game then think of the next!

nickmitchApril 28, 2015

Dude, Ridley is too big to fit in the regular roster.  Sakurai did the best that he could to get him in the game.

Strictly speaking, then, shouldn't Olimar have been too small to fit in the roster?

nickmitchApril 28, 2015

Quote from: NWR_insanolord

Strictly speaking, then, shouldn't Olimar have been too small to fit in the roster?

Maybe, if you're willing to stretch the size referencing in the game, but Sakurai made it work.

He's a genius.

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