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Show us your launch! Volume #1

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by the NWR Staff - November 21, 2001, 11:53 am PST

Well this is pretty much how the day went for me

6:30-Get up and shower

7:00-Call my friend to go with me to get the cube

8:00-arrive at the store, finding that they have been opened for 10 minutes and half of their stock was gone, but I got mine (along with 2 mem cards, extra conroller(spice), and Super Monkey Ball)

NOTE: haha they made a mistake and I only paid 10 dollars for the mem cards

8:30-got done talking to the man

NOTE: OKay do the math they sold 1 x-box in the 4 days they had them and 7 gamecubes in the 10 mins they had them. haha he said that he thinks xbox will crash.

9:00-go home

9:40-get home

9:50-get done setting up (had to hookup VCR too)

10:00-Started playing monkey ball with friend

10:00-1:00-Played monkey ball until had to eat

1:30-got done eating

1:35-Started playing again

1:35-4:30-played monkey ball til friend went home

4:30-5:00 ate supper

5:00-6:00-played monkey ball

6:00-got online

I got all i wanted, and more. It was great that I didnt have trouble too. I LOVE THE CUBE.

and i still cant get over the size.

Here goes..

Man I had to work last night which really stunk. I didn't get off until 10pm and new Wal_mart was gonna be packed. In Fact one young man, he was 10, was there at 12pm. So I had to slog through 7 hours of work thinking about my cube and what I was going to get.

Fortunately for me, my part time job is at EB! So I had tons of material there to keep me busy all night. On top of that we had copies of every launch title so on my break I made my final cuts.

I ended up getting: Tony Hawk 3, Dave Mirra 2, Tarzan Untamed, Rogue Leader, Moneky Ball and Wave Race. On top of that I added a preowned copy of Advance Wars to occupy my time when I had to go wait in line.

Being the ever intelligent character I am ;) I sent my little bro to hodl a spot in line at 7pm, we got the 12th spot and I was more than pleased. After 7 hours of work and much talking about games I headed out to Wal-Mart to join in the camp out festivities!

What was probably the best part of the waiting was that the three guys next to us all had GBAs and Mario Kart, so we loaded up the old SNES tracks and had at it for a good 20 races. I got notibly stomped! I dabbled in some Advance Wars and even considered going over to electronics to buy Golden Sun..

That's pretty much how the night went, there was some tension when people in the back of the line tried to come forward to buy controllers and memory cards before us in front, but surprisingly wal-Mart handled it well and made everyone wait. They only had 2 spice controllers :( so that stunk but I was able to buy my Jet System, 2 memory cards and an extra Indigo Controller.

Hooked it right when I got home at 12:20 am and didn't goto bed till 7am! All the games I got reek of high quality, and I was truly impressed. I'd have to say that Tarzan could be the sleeper hit of the launch.

Wish I had some pics to share, but all the good ones are in my memory.

Thanks for covering all the great gamecube news this past year and a half, really appreciate it. Now let's get our game on!

Thanks again,

Paul Indelicato;

These pics are form fiesta mall in Mesa AZ

First in line!

I was first in line and managed to pick all but controllers, cube, and mem card prior do midnight. The funny part is some guy i actully reserved the cube before any one he was the first to reserve it @ babbages. But I was first in line he got there late 11:45 tried to come up on my position. I was like uhh no get to the end of the line we had about 50 people. I was the first in the store to recieve my cube and the first out with it. I also managed to get the only spice orange controller that they had. I picked it beacuse thay are rare (so i was told)

I got there about 4:30 the mall was still open no one was wating. went and saw a movie @ 7:00 came back 8:30 no one was waiting mall closed @ 9:00 i sat down. out side the store. Eventully they kicked us out side then let us back in @ 10:10-15

and it was me and some other guy. But I was still first.



It's been a long time since is could look forward to a fresh, new Nintendo

game, every month. It's been a long time since I knew that I was embarking

on at least 4 years of gaming bliss with my favorite game company as the

master of ceremonies. It's been too long. Since Sept 27th, 1996, in fact.

But all that is over now. Project Dolphin has arrived, with a bullet. It's

power, elegance of design, and functionality are all astounding, as we

expected them to be. And more than anything else, we know that we've gotten

the key to playing the best games to be released in the next 5 years, perhaps

the best games of all time (coming from the big N, we're assured several

"game of the century"s in the GC's life span). Getting a hold of system, I'm

certain, is going to be no easy feat come black friday. But as for

me...well, I'll just say that I've waited for 2 years. I was through with

waiting. So, to acquire my cube without delay or aggravation, I did what any

sensible person would do.

I got a job at KB toys.

Yes, indeed. A guaranteed system, games, accessories, some at discounted

prices. It was a beautiful thing. KB was not open at 12 midnight, like some

retailers, so the only people I had to wait for were other employees...and

even then, I waited only minutes, secure in the knowledge that my cube was

here. Yes, I did get a job at KB solely for cube convenience. Yes, I intend

to quit very shortly. A cruel thing to do right before the holiday rush?

Perhaps...but all's fair in love and cube. Besides, no employee is

irreplaceable. I have to admit that this isn't the first time I've done

this. I was there watching Episode 1 the day before it came out, in the

luxury of a huge 500 seat theater practically all to myself thanks to my

being hired at AMC only weeks before its release. I stayed a bit longer

there, but you get the idea. The rule of thumb here? Save yourself some

aggravation on future launch days.

Get a job.

Hello. I got my GAMECUBE Friday from Sam Goody right after school ended. That day took so long, I was counting the seconds until I would be playing my GAMECUBE. I got the color I wanted (Indigo, to match my GAMEBOY ADVANCE), and was able to buy four 1st party memory cards. Even though I didn't get all of my controllers until Saturday, I had all I needed to play LUIGI'S MANSION and SUPER MONKEY BALL. They have both been some of the best games I have played in a long time. Luigi's Mansion has mind boggling puzzles and Super Monkey Ball has challenging levels with great mini-games. What more could you want? The Gamecube will put Nintendo back on top for sure, no doubts about that. It feels great to be a Nintendo fan! I was feeling so good, that I took care of a problem my older started a long time ago.

Takin' out the trash


Wooo! What A Wonderful Past Hours It Has Been Around Where I Live. But What I Looked At It Seem Like I Was Lucky On Controllers And Stuff. My Wal Mart Had 62 Cubes 31 Indigo 31 Jet. We Also Had About 20 Spice Controllers 20 Black Controllers, 20 Indigo, and 15 Half Indigo/Clear Controllers. And We Had About 30 Memo Card 59's. I Got Ahold Of The First One! I Love It I Got Ahold Of 1 Jet Cube, 1 Jet Controller, A Memo Card, And A Copy Of Smash-a-Liscious NHL HITZ 2002. The Line Was About A Good Two Hundred There. I Went Home My Bud Came Up And We Went Away Playing Hitz. Yet My Launch Was Not Fulfilled, There Was THPS3 At My Wal Mart For Me :(. It Was Funny Cause They Had Like 50 XBOX Games And Like 10 XBOX's Left I Laughed! It Was Pretty Good For A Launch Of THe Tiny Town Of Hazard KY. I Must Go Need More Gamecube Time.

-captain falcon-

I am from the middle of nowhere Nebraska. 10 miles from a town with a gas station. Half an hour from a Gamecube. I pre-ordered my cube from my local EB. I got there a half hour after the store opened to pick up my jet system with luigi, star wars, and monkey ball. they sold out of systems on pre orders.They were out of extra 1st party controllers. SO i wandered down to KB toys, and they actually had 3 systems left and a load of 1st party controllers, all clear indigo, so i snagged one of those, and will leave the other 2 to christmas. Love Liugi, Love MonkeyBall. Love Star Wars. The conroller is awesome as well. Thats about it. Happy reading from Nebraska! -Nate

After two years of waiting, the Gamecube's launch day was a somewhat surrealistic experience. I knew I was going to be excited, and I wanted to make the big day as big as possible. To that end, I made sure to have my little blue box ready and reserved a month ahead of time so when the hour of delight came upon me, I would be ready. It also served to let me sleep easy the night of the seventeenth!

On Sunday morning, I woke up around nine o'clock and went to church (there was no way I was going to forget to thank God that Gamecube day was here). Afterwards, I picked up one of my friends who had also reserved a Cube, and we headed down to the mall to pick up our systems.

As we walked into Electronics Boutique, a special feeling overtook us; it was as if we could almost feel the electricity in the air. The man behind the counter gave us a warm greeting. Without even needing us to explain why we were there, he instructed his fellow employee to fetch a pair of Gamecubes (I'll bet we're the only people to have received our systems from a psychic... it only added to the coolness of the experience). We signed our grabbed the little boxes offered to us, signed our receipts, and wished the wise worker a nice day; we knew we would sure be having one.

Launch day in northern Jersey (Totowa to be exact) was quite the experience. My cousin and I planned on going to the Toys R' Us at around 6:30 AM, assuming that we'd be one of the first people to get our Cubes. Arriving at the store, we saw that about 20 people were in front of us. This kind of came as a surprise to me since I thought that there wouldn't be that long of a line. HA, so I thought. Anyway, around 8, lots of people start showing up and near 8:30, there are honestly, 100+ people in line. Now I'm sure that I'm getting a system since TRU must have at least 50 in stock, so I'm not worried. At quarter to 9, two employees come out and go down the line asking customers what color system they want. I ended up gettin the 9th Indigo, my cousin the 12th black. Well, I was pretty sure that not everyone was going to get their Cubes today, but 10 minutes later, the employees come from the back of the line with a large amount of slips still left. I was greatly impressed by the amount of systems in stock.

Well, 9 rolls around and they let in about 10 people. 15 min later, my group gets to go in. (Some guy comes out of the store with a bag with an X-Box in it and the crowed immediately starts booing his ass. That was pretty phat. Nintendo loyalty in affect.) I see big crates of 1st party controllers, a guy asking who wants a memory card, lots of games near the back with another employee helping customers. At least 5 registers were open, where the cashier asked again which color we wanted.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Toys R' Us' performance during the launch. Everything ran very smoothly and everyone on lined seemed happy. Oh, and by the way, there were plenty of left over X-Box's for sale.


Matt Fedor

Hey. I've got a little GCN Launch anecdote. Hope you enjoy. :)

I work at Zellers, which is basically a Canadian K-Mart, for those who aren't familiar. I don't work in the electronics dept., but i know everyone who does work there. I've been asking them questions about the GC since they got their Nintendo "Training" guide. Basically that's a binder that has all the info that's already been confirmed by NOA and has all the specs and launch titles. Well, on Saturday, the 17th, i walked in there and asked "Ok, how many GC are we actually getting in?" Before, they didn't know for sure, because they just weren't told. Actually, they claimed that what they learned from experience was the everytime Nintendo does something big, like launch a system, and they give it a date, they actually end up shipping it the day after just so it won't be sold earlier than expected.

However, my co-worker told me that Yes, they were going to get 32 units in the next day. I was great. We opened at 10 am., and I started work at 12, so I could come in early. No prob, Right?

Wrong. My co-worker informs me that Head office just sent a fax through to Home Entertainment. Basically it said that, just like on the 15th with the XBox, employees were prohibited from purchasing a system on launch day.

DAMMIT!!! I get a 15% Discount!! In my province, New Brunswick, we have 15% tax, so i would've had the tax taken off! What a cheap deal!! But sadly, i was not allowed to buy one. . .but i did have a plan.

To make a long story short, I gave the money to my mom, and waited in the car for the LONGEST TIME sunday morn, while she and my sister went in and bought it for me. I couldn't get my discount, because I would have had to be there, so I paid full price, but so did a lot of people. No big deal. $40. It was worth it. I got a black one about a half hour later. Already bought Super Monkey Ball. I was all set.

The hardest part of that day was going to work from 12 to 6, just waiting to get home, so i could begin my long journey into a vegetative state I'd like to call "Gameritis". I love Planet Gamecube. Keep up the good work.


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