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Show us your launch! Volume #1

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by the NWR Staff - November 19, 2001, 10:52 pm PST

Hi Billy, it worth the wait keep my eye on your site and check daily. Thanks to you i have a gamecube and 2 games:Rogue Leader and THS3. I just arrived my home and wants to thank you for keeping inform all NGC fans all this time. I bought mine at Wal-Mart Supercenter in Miami,they received 100 and make a list with the people. Just one per customer,also they have 5 games,i asked some persons and the earliest they arrived was 4 PM.Well Billy, i really got to go....Luke is waiting :)

Thanks my friend. You really are making an excellent job.

May the Force Be With You.

P.S I'm sending the pics of the prize won thanks to you and the pics of the receipt.

They still have 20 when i left...but you know...NINTENDO IS THE KING OF VIDEO GAMES. GET OUT OF THE WAY PS2 AND XSUCKS .

Jesus Lopez

A tale of getting a Gamecube. After having McDonalds, I arrive at Wal-Mart at 7:20 p.m. I first go to the electronics dept. walk around there for a while. Then walked around the building for a while. Finally, My brother and I found out that the list for the Gamecube was at the layaway center. We went there and I signed up. I was #11 out of 44. So, I was set, I was going to get a Gamecube! :D Then trouble started. All the excitement and nervousness got the better of me and I wasn't feeling too well. I suddenly felt dizzy, and well the other part you don't want to know about. Just understand that it took place in the bathroom and it wasn't throwing up. I was determined to not let that ruin my launch night. I decided to go rest in the car for an hour. At this point it was 9:40. Thank goodness for comfy chairs and smooth jazz! I was still a bit shaky at 10:40, but went on back inside. I found my brother in the electronics dept. with another guy waiting for the cube. At that point I got Luigis Mansion for myself and my brother got Madden. The store guy took them back to layaway for us to get them at midnight. Then 11:00 came, the most memorable hour. My brother became chummy with this other guy(isn't it amazing how you make friends at these things?) we talked to him the whole time. He's just as big a Nintendo fan as I am. It was a small room and was getting kind of cramped. I'd say there were between 30-50 people there. Most of them parents getting it for there kids. The kids that were there were mostly above the age of 15. All having conversations about Gamecube. Not much of a likeness for X-Box there either. At 11:30 they started handing out temporary tattoos, stickers and demo discs to us. Then midnight came! :D They brought out all those wonderful boxes and I was ready! I had been bumped up one number because someone left I think. My number was called and I got my black gamecube, Luigis mansion, Madden, memory card and Luigis mansion strategy guide. Our new friend was next and got his. He got 3-6 games I think. You know who you are if your reading this! I got home, took it out of its box. Hugged it. Then watched my brother play Rogue Leader on it. What a night! :D

Well since my wal mart opens up at 7 a.m. I had a very hard time sleeping. But I got up. Even though my alarm didn't go off, yet everything seemed normal with it. But I got at wal mart at 6:45. There

were about 12 people ahead of me. But probably only about 10 were sold

before me. I learned that there were 28 GC's and it looked like, by the boxs, there was an even split between black and purple. It was another half hour because of some stupid lady didn't know how to use the credit card thing. But after I got it, I stopped by electronics, only to find that they were out of memory cards. I was so dissapointed, that I forgot to get some coffee filters my mom asked me to get.

I woke up Saturday with one thing on my mind: to wait in line at the Springville Wal-Mart until midnight for a GameCube. I got there at 11:00 AM with three of my friends. There was a row of fourteen chairs set up at the front of the store to show that there was a stock of 14 cubes. There was a sign that read "Gamecube launch line" or something. There was already a boy and his dad there, who had been there since 5 AM. One lady walked by and said "Gamecube, eh? I got mine yesterday at RCWilley!" and walked off. Then the boy ripped out his cell phone and called RCWilley, and reserved one, then his dad did, then one of my friends did. The boy and his dad had his wife and another boy save their spots while they went to get their gamecubes. I was now third and my friends were fourth and fifth. We brought a TV and an N64 with Smash Brothers (Yoshi rules) to play, along with a couple Game Boy Advances. My two friends weren't going to buy a GameCube, they were just there for support. A really geeky kid sat down after us at noon, and insisted on touching all of my stuff. At around 2:00 PM an old man came and offered one of my friends $25 and a Pizza Hut pizza to wait in

line for him, and so he did (he didn't plan on getting one for himself anyway). Around 3:00 a woman asked if she could pay my other friend to wait for her, and so he did (he didn't plan on getting one for himself anyway). He got $25. It got quite annoying to the point of hysteria with all the checkstands beeping constantly and the Stock 99 game on Planet Zebes that would not end. We had been playing a lot of Smash Brothers, playing Stock 99 games and games with all Pokeballs until about 5PM, when my first friend came back with a cube and Super Monkey Ball for us to play. We had three controllers total(I bought two controllers and a memory card from Nintendo's Online Store earlier) so we alternated controllers. Around 7PM the line grew past us six to fill 12 chairs. We played Monkey Ball until 9PM when my first friend left. About 10 PM the last chairs were filled up. We learned the final score of the BYU vs. Utah game (24-21). We went back to the usual Smash and Mario Kart Super Circuit. The last two hours flew by. We learned that the Wal-Mart in Orem had a full line by 5 PM. The two people came back to claim their place in line. A clerk sent us back to electronics where we bought our gamecubes at 12:06 by my watch. One of the people that my friend held a place for gave my friend $50 after that for some reason (I think he thought my friend wanted a gamecube or something.)

I work as an assistant manager at the Babbage's in Peoria, Illinois. Before I tell you about the GCN launch, I'll go over the Xbox launch...for comparison only. We opened at 12:01, like many other stores, and had 120 Xbox systems, with 107 of them reserved...27 people came in that night. Now, with that promising statistic, let's move to the GCN launch. We had 158 GCN's, all of them reserved. We had people in line at 8:45.

We had to form two lines, one for people still wanting to shop, and

another for the GCN fanatics. at 12:01, the line went from our store near the east exit of the mall, into the middle court of the mall where kiosk's normally are. We did 68K of sales that night, compared to 12K of the Xbox and 120K of the PS2. The lines were stunning. Nowhere near as big as PS2, but about 5x bigger than Xbox. Personally, I didn't have to camp out anywhere, sense I already had one reserved myself...with Luigi's Mansion, Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball, and Wave Race. A friend of mine, however, camped out at a local best buy, who had a whopping 350 GCN's. They opened at 8 and people were sleeping outside at 3am. So at least for Peoria, the GCN was HUGE.


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