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E3 2001: The Moment to Shine

The Gathering of Planet GameCube

by the NWR Staff - May 12, 2001, 3:59 am EDT

This will be one of the most interesting parts of the show! Planet GameCube together at last!

As Planet GameCube, E3 2001 is our second venture as this team (if you include us going last year as PlanetN2000). But in a year, Planet has not only expanded in size and talent, but we’re a whole new site. Our staff is probably the biggest group of Nintendophiles on the internet that will be at this show. That’s going to be one of the best parts of this trip, meeting the staff. Should be a trip none the less! The Real World : E3. Man those MTV punks couldn't handle E3. They'd puss out.

This E3 is really special to the members of Planet GameCube. We’ve been waiting for this moment for over 2 years. It’s rather hard to believe it all will come down to this. Speculating, predicting, hoping, and dreaming…will all be almost finalized. Hell all this will just refuel our speculation once again, but in totally new directions.

We’ll have 3 of the original E3 2000 team returning, some other seasoned veterans, and of course, some fresh meat hitting the floor with vengance. We’ll be squezzing every last drop of GameCube and Game Boy Advance out of E3 2001. We are on a mission from God. Or should I say Shiggy? Some people would believe those two are interchangeable.

So as usual, I have some final PGC predictions this years Expo. I leave you with these final parting thoughts. We’ll see how they all pan out…

Billy’s PGC E3 2001 Predictions

1. Max will fire everyone like 8 million times and no one will think it’s funny.

2. Louie will pop out of my suitcase when I get to LA.

3. Ty gets arrested for having 1000 people in his single hotel room.

4. We decide as a team to rename all of the Mikes, and Justins on staff to Daryls 1-5

5. Rick gets thrown out of E3 for picking a fight with a booth babe.

6. Kosta decides to move to the US and try out for the US Swim Team.

7. Billy gets banned from saying, “Fu$%ing WORD” in the Nintendo booth.

8. Dragona melts Peter Main with her fire breath after hyperventilating during the GameCube unveiling.

9. Justin Nation shoots his boss and drives to E3 Cannonball Run Style.

10. Los Angeles will have a Mountain Dew Shortage.

11. Justin Wood insults some foreigners by using improper business card etiquette.

12. Ed plants a bomb in Billy’s suitcase as a present for Louie.

13. In a drunken rage, Jonathan Metts legally changes name to J00NY METTS!!!!11

14. After numerous attempts, no one will successfully score with a booth babe.

15. At least one person will get arrested.

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