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Xander Morningstar

Work 'em, Mac! Work 'em! - Doc Louis

26, USA

Xander Morningstar Associate Editor/Video Producer

It's me!

Systems Owned

  • Most main Nintendo systems, except SNES
  • Currently Playing

    • Probably a Pikmin game

    Favorite Games of All Time

    • Too many to list!

    Games Most Desired

    • Another Punch-Out!! game

    Favorite Movies

    • Good Will Hunting
    • Pumping Iron
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New Releases

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Switch Loop8: Summer of Gods Jun 06

Switch Raiden III x Mikado Maniax Jun 06

Switch Speed Crew Jun 06

Switch Brain Show Jun 07

Switch Nocturnal Jun 07

Switch Reasoning of Courage Nori 3: Balanced Diet Jun 07

Switch SENSEs: Midnight Jun 07

Switch Angel Symphony Jun 08

Switch A Painter's Tale: Curon 1950 Jun 08

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