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November 30, 2001

New Biohazard (Resident Evil) footage from Japan! GC

by Colin Taibi - 11:06 am EST
Source: Capcom Japan

Capcom puts more chills into you than winter with new footage of the environments of Biohazard. Warning: Depends not included.

Capcom of Japan has released come new footage of the extremely creepy environments of Biohazard on the GameCube. The footage is available in three frightening flavors for all of you hungering for BRAINS!





November 29, 2001

SSBM Music Finally Available for Download! GC

by Andres Rojas - 8:05 pm EST

Finally, we've put up the SSBM mp3s up for download!

With many many thanks to Yorrike of hardcoregamers.com for hosting these files, and another big round of thanks to Neosabre of #planetchat for making these mp3s for us...

PGC is very happy to provide our readers with a batch of mp3s straight from the recently released (in Japan) Super Smash Bros. Melee!


Cheaper GBA Games in 2002? GBA

by Max Lake - 6:46 pm EST
Source: IGN Pocket

Nintendo plans to ring in the New Year with a manufacturing price drop to make handheld cartridges cheaper for publishers, and ultimately, consumers.

Although GBA games are selling rather well, many standard games are not selling as swiftly as expected, especially at the $40 price. Fortunately, it seems that third-party GBA games will start becoming a lot more affordable with the dawn of the New Year. IGNPocket has run a report citing numerous... Read more...

TDK Announces Four for GameCube GC

by Jonathan Metts - 11:05 am EST
Source: TDK Press Release

Shrek and Dinotopia to hit Nintendo's console, along with the return of...Robotech?

Today TDK Mediactive announced four new titles for GameCube, expected to arrive in the 4th Quarter of 2002. One game will be based on TDK's recently acquired Robotech license, the subject of a long and ultimately fruitless N64 saga that many of you are no doubt familiar with. Shrek is of course... Read more...

Melee Sells Briskly in Japan GC

by Jonathan Metts - 9:48 am EST
Source: Dengeki Online

Dengeki Magazine's Top 30 for Japan is out, and Super Smash Bros. DX (Melee to you and me) has done quite well.

According to Dengeki Magazine's sales rankings, Super Smash Bros. DX for GameCube was the #2 top-selling game in Japan for the week of Nov. 19-25. (It didn't even go on sale until the 21st.) The game sold over 358,000 copies according to Dengeki's figures, making it already the most popular GameCube title yet in Japan.


November 28, 2001

Best launch EVAR! GC

by Billy Berghammer - 8:52 pm EST

The GameCube is the Fastest-selling New Video Game Console Ever! It's faster than the cheetah. It's true. Hotcakes...pfft. Hotcakes ain't got nothing on the GameCube. Full details within...

Booya! On with the press release shall we?

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 28, 2001-- Ignoring strong economic headwinds, NINTENDO GAMECUBE(TM) has soared to record retail heights, becoming the fastest-selling home video game console of this generation.

Through its first week of...

November 27, 2001

Official SSBM Website Opened GC

by Mike Hrusecky - 3:12 pm EST
Source: http://www.supersmashbrosmelee.com

Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers Melee website is open for business, and has a few fun interactive features.

Get brawler profiles, check out the arenas, and play some Smash Mail with friends!



Hello Angels!

by Billy Berghammer - 2:49 pm EST

Charlie's Angels is heading to a GameCube and GBA near you. Wipe that drool from your chin boy!

Ubi Soft Entertainment has signed up with Sony Pictures Consumer Products for the rights to the Charlie’s Angels license.

Ubi Soft will be bringing Charlie's Angels not only to the GameCube, and Game Boy Advance, but also the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC.

This license will allow Ubi Soft to make games about the television series, the movie released in 2000, and its sequel.


Third Parties Dig GameCube

by Billy Berghammer - 12:49 pm EST
Source: ie Magazine

You think? Wait a sec...a platform that's easy to develop for developers and publishers like? They must be crazy.

We've already heard a million times that the GameCube hardware is easy to develop for. But what's bringing third parties back to Nintendo?

There's a great article on ie Magazine that includes thoughts from THQ, Ubisoft, Midway and more. Check it out by clicking here.


November 26, 2001

Yamauchi sells out!

by Billy Berghammer - 5:57 pm EST
Source: Reuters

But it's for the love of the company, really! No really! Economics is a very strange thing.

Yamauchi is planning to gain some funds for GameCube and GameCube developers by selling off, and then repurchasing his 1.18 million shares of Nintendo stock. It's all about capital gains baby! Here's the skinny...

The president of video game giant Nintendo Co Ltd plans to use capital gains from the temporary sale of his 1.18 million Nintendo shares to set up a fund to promote game development firms, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun said.


Nintendo Power January Bonus GC

by Mike Sklens - 12:34 pm EST
Source: Nintendo Power

Subscribers to Nintendo's magazine will have something special coming to them in their annual January bonus issue.

As they do every year, Nintendo Power is rewarding subscribers by including extra goodies in their January issue. According to the December issue the bonus will include stickers for memory cards and an "exclusive game preview for 2002" and "more." It's possible that the game preview is a demo disc for the GameCube, but it could just be some kind of promotional video (Nintendo Power is known for putting those out).


November 23, 2001

Famitsu #677 stats

by Desmond Gaban - 8:24 pm EST

Latest Famitsu stats are in.

Famitsu #677 stats

Covers 11/5 - 11/11





Playstation 2




Gameboy Advance








Wonderswan Color






Super Smash Bros. Melee Music Live! GC

by Andres Rojas - 1:49 am EST
Source: Planet Radio

Want to listen while you wait? Say no more, PGC has gone that extra mile to provide you with some aural lovin'!

That's right, with an extra-hearty "we can't thank you enough" to Neosabre of #planetchat, we at PGC bring you 6 tracks of Super Smash Bros. Melee goodness!

Just mosey on over to our relaunched Planet Radio, hosted by Live365, and let the music take control!


November 22, 2001

Louie loves turkey!

by Billy Berghammer - 12:09 am EST

Turkey, GameCube, Golden Sun, turkey, watch the Packers dismantle the Detroit Lions on TV, turkey, destroy the Lions as the Packers in Madden 2002, turkey. Burp. The gaming is just delicious.

Ah yes, it’s Turkey Day once again here at Planet GameCube. Most of you out there are on vacation, hanging out with the family, and feasting on delicious GameCube games right now. Admit it, you’re playing monkey fight and pounding the living daylights out of your little sister.

It’s a beautiful thing.


November 21, 2001

Miyamoto hints at a Pikmin sequel GC

by David Trammell - 8:41 pm EST
Source: GC Inside

At least, we think that's what's going on here!

Can you make any sense of this? It's a bit difficult to tell exactly what's going on, but it seems that Mr. Miyamoto is hinting at a sequel to Pikmin. Judging by the Famitsu review of Pikmin, a sequel will certainly be welcome over there.

The American debut of Pikmin will be on December 3rd along side Super Smash Bros. Melee.


200,000 GameCubes on the way.... GC

by Billy Berghammer - 1:03 pm EST

GameCube shortage in your area? More cubes are on the way to retailers.

Nintendo has released a press release explaining they have shipped 200 thousand more GameCubes to retailers. Here's the juice.

Nintendo to Ship 200,000 More NINTENDO GAMECUBE Consoles

REDMOND, Wash.--Nov. 20, 2001--Nintendo of America today announced

it will increase North American shipments of the new NINTENDO


Sonic to join Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! GBA

by Max Lake - 10:47 am EST
Source: Gaming-Age

Sega’s famous hedgehog will take part in the festivities tomorrow! Updated Yet Again!

Today Sega announced that Sonic the Hedgehog has been invited to march in Macy’s 75th Anniversary Parade. This year is also Sonic’s 10th anniversary and the blue blur remains one of the most popular video game characters the world over. What’s even more exciting is that Sonic’s next video... Read more...

Still need controllers? GC

by Billy Berghammer - 10:08 am EST
Source: The Nintendo Store

Have you been searching all over for Nintendo brand GameCube controllers? You just want spice or jet black? We have the store for you.

Actually Nintendo has a store for you. It's the same store we told you about more than a week ago. Nintendo's online store has plenty of Spice and Jet Black controllers for you to order, as well as the clear/indigo, and the indigo controllers. Prices are the usual $34.95, plus shipping.

Need controllers? Click here!


A Smashing Debut! GC

by Max Lake - 1:54 am EST
Source: Famitsu.com

Yes, Super Smash Bros. DX has hit Japan along with Jet Black and Spice color GameCubes!

Today is November 21st and that means the Smash Brothers sequel has finally arrived in Japan, where it is know as Super Smash Bros. DX. Premiering alongside the long-awaited Smash Bros. DX come two new colors of GameCubes, Jet Black and Spice. Famitsu.com reports that their arrival was greatly anticipated... Read more...

November 20, 2001

Nuby Announces GameCube Hardware Lineup

by Jonathan Metts - 3:21 pm EST
Source: Nuby Press Release

The third-party peripheral company will have its full lineup of GameCube products out within a month of the system's launch.

All the major third-party hardware companies are jumping onto the GameCube bandwagon, and Nuby Interactive is no exception. Nuby says their products will include a few surprises for gamers...should be interesting to see what that means. Here's the press release:




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