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October 31, 2001

Control your Rage GC

by Michael Cole - 11:16 pm EST
Source: Rage

UK-based developer Rage Software will make games for the GameCube.

Rage Software, owner of the David Beckham soccer franchise, has announced their newly aquired license to develop for Nintendo GameCube. The company hopes to release its first GCN project late next year and plans on creating a wide range of products based on its licensed franchises.

Paul Finnegan,...

Memory Blocks and Games GC

by Michael Cole - 10:31 pm EST
Source: Nintendo of America

Later GameCube titles will sport the number of blocks needed right on the case.

When a gaming system relies on memory cards alone, running out of space is a constant fear. When the North American game packaging was finally revealed, some people (including yours truly) became worried, for the memory block usage was nowhere to be found. This was quite peculiar, as the Japanese disk cases did include the memory card information.


Happy Halloween!

by Max Lake - 4:00 pm EST

A Boo to you from Planet GameCube!

Halloween is a time of witches, ghouls and ghosts… It’s a holiday of tricks and treats, monsters and mayhem; bloody corpses and free candy. Simply put, it’s one of the coolest holidays ever.

It’s also the last day of October and the dawning of November is but hours away. Halloween... Read more...

Playable Cube Kiosks Arriving at Last! GC

by Max Lake - 1:36 am EST

We’ve just got first word that GameCube kiosks are hitting stores. Updated! We’ve got a full list of the kiosk contents!

Some time ago, PGC had heard playable kiosks would appear in late September. Some video displays of GameCube have shown up, but outside of the Cube Clubs, nothing has been playable yet. According to TendoNext, Toys R Us have reported that they expected kiosks around November 1st. This date seems... Read more...

October 30, 2001

Save Your Hands Part Two!

by Max Lake - 3:51 pm EST
Source: Nintendo

Nintendo has released another clip in its amusing Internet advertising campaign.

Nintendo’s website has just updated with an all new video clip in its amusing “Save Your Hands” online ad campaign. The new clip features the testament of a GameCube fan’s patience. Nintendo also posted an explanation for the series:

Based on the insane entries that we received in... Read more...

Treasure Investigates GameCube

by Max Lake - 2:12 pm EST
Source: GC-Inside

One of the coolest game makers in the world is looking into possible NGC development.

According to GC-Inside, Japanese development house Treasure have announced it is currently evaluating the GameCube as a console opportunity and are very much interested in creating games for the platform if the investigation goes well.

Treasure was formed when its president Masato Maegawa...

GameCube's clock is Ticking

by Mike Sklens - 12:41 pm EST
Source: AdAge

Finally, a reason to watch MTV!

According to AdAge.com Nintendo has quite the deal with the MTV network. On November 17th, one day before the GameCube's launch, MTV will have a live GameCube countdown clock running. It's not confirmed exactly how this will work, but most likely there will be a GameCube ad accompanied by a clock... Read more...

Samurai Jack Attacks the GameCube

by Mike Sklens - 12:16 pm EST
Source: Tendo Box

Cartoon Network's newest hero will be making his way to multiple platforms.

If you watch Cartoon Network, you've probably heard about Samurai Jack. It's the channel's newest original series. They have been promoting it left and right, and for good reason. The show has already met with great press and reviews.

The plot of Samurai Jack goes something like this: The village... Read more...

SNK says Goodbye GC

by Max Lake - 12:14 pm EST
Source: SNK

SNK was a 2D champion, hardware pioneer and an arcade mainstay. Sadly, the company has now closed up shop and has a final message for the fans.

The developer SNK should be a familiar name to any self-respecting were the creators of popular game series such as Ikari Warriors, Samurai Showdow (Samurai Spirits), Metal Slug and most notorious of all, King of Fighters. It also produced a variety of Neo-Geo hardware systems for both home and arcade.... Read more...

GameCube bundles available! GC

by Michael Cole - 11:44 am EST
Source: KB Toys Online

There are pre-orders available, but only if you have a little money to spare.

KB Toys has opened its GameCube store for business. The systems are available in $399.99 bundles, not unlike Amazon's deal. But featuring only three games (varying with the package chosen) along with a memory card, there is a significant amount unaccounted for (around $35). You can also buy the jumbo package, which includes seven games, a second controller and a memory card for a whopping $649.99, which is $50 above the expected price.


Noise to make Gamecube games

by Desmond Gaban - 9:06 am EST
Source: GC Inside

Noise, developers of Custom Robo, is in the planning stages for Gamecube development.

Marigul's first contract developer, responsible for Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2, Noise is currently experimenting with Gamecube development. Noise president Kouji Kenjou commented that the Gamecube platform had a strange charm and feeling to it and that he wanted to get to the stage where he could development something for the console. The staff at Noise have expressed a strong desire to continue the Custom Robo series.


October 29, 2001

Breaking! Hard Drive Card for GameCube GC

by Max Lake - 2:11 pm EST
Source: Genken Ascii

It seems like IBM has just announced an very interesting device for the Cube.

The publication Genken Ascii has revealed that there will be portable IBM hard disk card for the Nintendo GameCube, which can be inserted into the NGC’s high speed port.

The IBM card is about the size of a floppy disk with a max capacity seemingly of 1GB. The device can act as an expansion of A memory.


No Component Video Cable in stores GC

by Billy Berghammer - 12:12 pm EST

If you're one of the lucky and you've got a sweet TV, and you're planning on getting a GameCube Component Video Cable...you'll want to read this.

Nintendo will not be selling their Component Video Cable in stores. If you want a Nintendo brand cable, they'll only be available through order via their website or over the phone. There hasn't been an official price set, and you can't order one or pre-order one at this time.

We'll be looking into this further. Stay tuned for updates on when, and where you can order this cable.


Just Enough Memory Cards at Launch? GC

by Mike Sklens - 12:02 pm EST
Source: Tendo Box

According to retail sources, Nintendo Memory Cards may be sold on a one to one basis.

It's a well known fact that the GameCube needs memory cards to save game information. So, when you purchase your GameCube, you'll need to get a memory card with it. Tendo Box has heard from retail sources that the standard Nintendo Memory Card 59 will be shipping in a 1 to 1 ratio with the GameCube.... Read more...

Doom GBA Released GBA

by Jonathan Metts - 7:38 am EST
Source: Blue's News

Activision's handheld port of the massively influential first-person shooter is now available on Game Boy Advance. Also: cool gameplay MPEG.

According to Blue's News, Activision shipped Doom for GBA sometime over the weekend. PGC will have more info as soon as possible, including impressions and reviews, but for now you can check out this gameplay movie from Activision's website.



by Jonathan Metts - 7:28 am EST
Source: Activision Press Release

We all suspected it, but now Activision has confirmed that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is a GameCube launch title. Update: Info on the Skatepark Editor!

We didn't even know it would ship in 2001 at all just a few weeks ago, but Tony Hawk 3 is now officially confirmed as a launch title for Nintendo's system, which will put it direct competition with Tony Hawk 2x for Xbox. The GameCube version looks to be a straight port from PS2, except for the online features. The press release says it all...


October 27, 2001

Cube Club Minneapolis Night #2 GC

by Billy Berghammer - 12:46 pm EDT

What the heck else would a Nintendophile be doing on a Friday night?

Wake up, eat, Cube Club, write, sleep….repeat. That’s the plan for this weekend. It’s a little late, but I needed sleep. 2 days of cube love will take the energy right out of you. Here’s my thought from Night #2 of the Cube Club Minneapolis.

The gaming began at 6pm, and I arrived...

Famitsu #673 stats

by Desmond Gaban - 12:17 pm EDT
Source: http://www.famitsu.com

The latest Famitsu stats.

Famitsu #673 statistics

Hardware Data:









Gameboy Advance








Wonderswan Color







What would you do for a GameCube? GC

by David Trammell - 11:02 am EDT

Five finalists have been chosen to perform their wacky stunts for a GameCube. What will each of them be doing? There's only one way to find out...

How does a NINTENDO GAMECUBE, a Game Boy Advance, a video game software package, and $5,000 in cash sound to you? Well, it sounded great to a lot of other people as well. Nintendo asked people what they would do for a GameCube and many people responded. Out of the plethora of crazy stunts that were sent in, five people have been selected to compete for the grand prize.


October 26, 2001

A Demo in Luigi’s Mansion? GC

by Max Lake - 3:31 pm EDT
Source: http://gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2001/vgnews/10...

Luigi’s Mansion contains lots of ghosts and a kidnapped sibling. It also seems to contain a demo of an upcoming game?! Details inside.

Update: As it turns out, our speculation was correct! The lucky folks at IGN Cube were sent American GameCube's and Software today, including a copy of Luigi's Mansion. The demo is a two minute movie of the Pikmin in action. You can go to IGN and view the movie right here.

Original Story:...


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