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Cuphead on Switch Kicks Off The Nindies Showcase

by David Lloyd - March 20, 2019, 9:12 am EDT
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The gorgeously animated, brutally difficult shooter is a Microsoft exclusive no longer.

Today’s Nindies Showcase was kicked off by the announcement that Studio MDHR and Microsoft are bringing the award-winning indie shooter Cuphead to the Switch. Available for pre-purchase later today, Cuphead will be officially released and frustrating Nintendo players worldwide on April 18th.

After playing for a few hours, you may want something a little stronger than milk in your cup.


LemonadeMarch 21, 2019

I tried this at PAX in 2017. I want to like it, but the difficulty puts me off.

Ian SaneMarch 22, 2019

I initially just glanced over this headline with realizing the significance of it.  "Oh yeah, another prominent indie title on the Switch."  Then I realized "What a minute!  MS published that game!"

The idea of Microsoft publishing a game on a Nintendo console just seems bizarre.  This is like Bonk's Adventure getting an NES port.  Seems like you're waving the white flag on your own console when you start porting stuff to the competition.  Maybe MS doesn't see Nintendo as competition but that's stupid, frankly.  Unless you need 4K or VR the Switch is pretty much going to fill the same needs as an Xbox One.

Cuphead's notorious difficult seems like a major waste of its cool presentation.  I think there's an enormous opportunity for someone to just outright rip-off Cuphead's style and make a more accessible game.  The buzz for this title was pretty high until it became apparent that it was for experts only.  Or maybe Disney should apply the graphics style to a future Mickey Mouse platformer.

nickmitchMarch 22, 2019

I agree about the artstyle kind of feeling like a waste.

But I don't think this is MS giving up on their console.  It's not like they're putting up one of their major franchises like Halo or Gears of War.

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