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Nintendo Shareholder Briefing News: Snipperclips Sales, E3 And Mobile Plans

by Donald Theriault - April 27, 2017, 7:16 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Nintendo

A download title with over a 10% attach rate? Believe it.

In addition to the New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo's shareholder briefing gave news on game sales and future company plans.

  • Snipperclips has become a bit of a surprise hit for Nintendo, as the company reported over 350,000 copies of the game have been sold worldwide since the Switch launched. 1-2 Switch has shipped "nearly a million" units worldwide, while Konami's Super Bomberman R has shipped more than 500,000 units.
  • Although no additional details or dates were given for projects such as Animal Crossing, Nintendo confirmed intentions to release "2 - 3 smart device products" per year going forward. Super Mario Run has reached nearly 150m downloads between Android and iOS.
  • Nintendo will not be holding a full audience press conference at E3 this year. More details will come from Nintendo of America in the coming weeks.


fred13April 28, 2017

Snipper Clips is an awesome game. My wife and I conquered it together. I hope they bring out a DLC pack at some point

Mop it upApril 28, 2017

Nice to see a good number for Snipperclips.

Ian SaneApril 28, 2017

I think these figures may be somewhat inflatated due to the small launch lineup.  Once you're done with Zelda why wouldn't you buy Snipperclips because what else you gonna play?  A sequel may not attract as much interest as the Switch lineup fills up and there is more variety to choose from.

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