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Denpa Ningen Coming to North America This Month

by Neal Ronaghan - September 14, 2012, 8:57 am EDT
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Renamed The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave, the RPG is hitting eShop on September 27.

The Japanese eShop title Denpa Ningen no RPG is coming to North America on September 27 under the name The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave for $6.99.

The Denpa Men has you take control of Denpa Men (radio wave humans) in an attempt to save their world from the evil Devil King. The game makes heavy use of the AR functionality of the 3DS to search your immediate area to locate and capture more Denpa Men to aid you on your quest. Each Denpa Men (Denpa Man?) is unique in both looks and statistics.

The sequel, called Denpa Ningen no RPG 2, is coming to the Japanese eShop on September 26. There is no word on a European release yet.

For more information about The Denpa Men, feel free to read Danny's impressions of the Japanese version of the game.


Fatty The HuttSeptember 14, 2012

Oh good. I have been looking forward to this since Danny profiled it.

TamazoidSeptember 15, 2012

Well considering Europe is about to get Sakura Samurai this probably won't release for another six months.

I'll be ready for it.

Eh, the AR stuff really doesn't interest me - and I got burned by Genius Sonority w/PBR.

Hoping we hear about the other Pokemon developer's eShop game soon, but that's probably December.

I'd think we'll see a minimum of one Nintendo-published eShop game a month. So this is September's, then maybe we'll get Picross-e in October, Fluidity in Nov, and Harmoknight in Dec. I'd be cool with that.

xcwarriorSeptember 18, 2012

Hoping this will be a good game. Would like a different type of RPG.

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