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Nintendo DS

Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is the third incarnation of Nintendo's wildly successful dual-screen handheld game system. It adds several new features that both freshen up the hardware and broaden the portable's appeal to an even wider audience. These features include:

- Larger 3.25-inch screen

- Built-in Camera (640x480) and picture-editing software

- Audio playback and the ability to adjust pitch and playback speed

- SD Card slot (for use with Wii's Photo Channel, for example)

- Built-in memory for storing downloaded content

- Built-in DS Web Browser

- The GameBoy Advance cartridge slot has been removed, reducing the size of the unit by 12% (or 2.6mm)

The Nintendo DSi will also have an online "Nintendo DS Shop" similar to the Wii Shop Channel, allowing you to download games and demos directly to the device.

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Worldwide Releases

na: Nintendo DSi
Release Apr 05, 2009
jpn: Nintendo DSi
Release Nov 01, 2008
eu: Nintendo DSi
Release Apr 03, 2009
aus: Nintendo DSi
Release Apr 02, 2009
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