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Eternal Darkness

Question your mental stability as you play through Silicon Knights' epic (and intellectual) adventure, spanning time itself.

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: These have been a long time coming....

by Jonathan Metts - June 27, 2002

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: The Darkness has finally come. Find out what it's like from someone who tried to know as little as possible....

by Mike Sklens - June 25, 2002

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: It’s the game that some have been waiting four years for. Originally created for the N64, Silicon Knights’ latest piece of software has finally hit store shelves. After playing through a good four hours, here are my first impressions of the game....

by Zosha Arushan - June 25, 2002

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: After Jonny makes me feel bad for getting the game early in his editorial, I drop my impressions. Note, just like Eternal Darkness, these impressions are for the MATURE VIEWER. If you are under the age of 18, be advised....

by Billy Berghammer - June 22, 2002

Eternal Darkness Preview

It's been forever since we've updated the ED preview, so here's updated facts and character rundowns from Nintendo!...

by Jonathan Metts - May 28, 2002

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: Finally, full impressions of the full Eternal Darkness! Spoilers hidden from accidental view ... read on!...

by Rick Powers - April 4, 2002

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: This game was one of the eight GamCube titles playable at The Nintendo Show....

by Karlie Yeung - September 4, 2001

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: It’s got a slight name change, and a new playable character, and Japanese subtitles! What did Billy think of Eternal Darkness at Spaceworld?...

by Billy Berghammer - September 4, 2001

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: It's got a new name, as well as Japanese subtitles...but how much has Eternal Darkness improved at Space World?...

by Joe Fletcher - August 25, 2001

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: Nintendo bought into developer Silicon Knights for a reason: they are really talented. Come find out why you're going to buy this title on November 5th....

by David Trammell - May 21, 2001

Eternal Darkness Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: PGC's resident (and evil) ED fanatic goes hands-on with the flowing liquid creepiness that is Eternal Darkness....

by Jonathan Metts - May 21, 2001

NWR 15th Birthday: The Best Game of the Past 15 Years: Round 1 - Mushroom Kingdom Region Part 1

Super Mario Galaxy is probably going to dominate here....

by Neal Ronaghan - March 11, 2014

Nintendo Launch Windows Through the Ages

Every system's launch window is just shy of a year, right?...

by Neal Ronaghan - November 1, 2013

BLOG: A Tale of Two Kickstarters

Jonny takes a look at why Shadows of the Eternals failed (twice), while Mighty No. 9 jumped right through the boss gate....

by Jonathan Metts - October 6, 2013

ROUNDTABLE: Shadow of the Eternals Roundtable Discussion

The NWR staff talks about the Eternal Darkness spiritual successor. Is it all just a sanity effect?...

by Neal Ronaghan - May 8, 2013

EXTRA LIFE: The Quest to Keep My Sanity

This...can't...be...happening! Danny finally plays through Eternal Darkness....

by Danny Bivens - August 27, 2012

The Great Pre-Wii U Backlog Saga: Danny Day 30

The eternal darkness has finally subsided. ...

by Danny Bivens - August 16, 2012

The Great Pre-Wii U Backlog Saga: Danny Day 14

It's been two weeks and not a whole heck of a lot has been accomplished. ...

by Danny Bivens - July 31, 2012

E3 Predictions 2012 - Bingo Edition: Zach's Predictions

Pretty safe bets for the most part, but wouldn't Eternal Darkness 2 be great?...

by Zachary Miller - May 31, 2012

Fave Five... Games That Were Worth the Wait

Patience is a virtue, and these games prove it can also yield some amazing rewards....

by Pedro Hernandez - April 18, 2012

The Music of GameCube

The Cube saw a generous helping of great music in its time....

by Nate Andrews - November 17, 2011

TRIVIA: PGC/Nformant Radio Trivia kicks off Friday!

Planet GameCube and the Nformant are teaming up to test your Nintendo music knowledge. And, to celebrate, we're giving away an ultra-rare Eternal Darkness t-shirt from Silicon Knights!...

by Jonathan Metts - June 6, 2001

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 634: Show Daddy's Joy Con Your Teeth

This Joy Con is for adults only....

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - August 4, 2019

NWR PRESENTS: CUBE FIGHT: NBA Courtside 2002 vs. Eternal Darkness

Put aside your hoop dreams, you've got a war with an ancient god to deal with....

by Andy Goergen and Neal Ronaghan - September 8, 2016

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 337: Eat My Maturity!

Do you have what it takes to become... the Urban Champion?...

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - May 11, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 45: How the Other Half Lives

Daan and Danny drop by to talk about all the great stuff that hasn't come to America yet....

by Danny Bivens, Daan Koopman, Zachary Miller, and Scott Thompson - August 4, 2012


Danny hosts his first Famicast. Are there any objections?...

by Danny Bivens, Daan Koopman, and Minoru Yamaizumi - July 27, 2012

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 286: Jill-in-the-Box

Jonny returns to discuss games and game endings, plus a surprise guest joins the fray!...

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Karlie Yeung - April 1, 2012

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 138: Bit.TYP Beat

...in which Jon Lindemann and Michael Cole combine to form Nintron, who blasts away your sanity meter and helpfully recommends a starting point for the Final Fantasy series....

by Jonathan Metts - March 22, 2009

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 137: The Darkness Comes

Karl Castaneda sits in the guest chair for this action-packed show! We finally kick off the RetroActive discussion of Eternal Darkness, too....

by Jonathan Metts - March 15, 2009


Eternal Darkness Box Art

Genre Adventure
Developer Silicon Knights

Worldwide Releases

na: Eternal Darkness
Release Jun 23, 2002
jpn: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Release Oct 25, 2002
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