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Creating The Garreg Mach Knights In Super Mega Baseball 3

by Donald Theriault - May 20, 2020, 6:00 am EDT
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This is going to end up with the entire team cheering as an Edelgard cutout starts looking like the owner in Major League.

Edelgard Hresvelg had a problem. And it was personal.

As the general manager of the newest team in the Super Mega Baseball league, she had to try and keep a team together who, largely speaking, hated her guts. Most of them stuck around out of some loyalty to either a teammate or manager Byleth “Professor” Eisner, who managed to charm a good portion of the roster with her winning history managing the AAA Arianrhod Lions. But this was the big leagues, and her job was to put butts every 18 inches. How to do that? Just win, baby.

With a little help from chief scout Hubert Vestra, this was the team who was looking to outshine the Diamondbacks of MLB and the NHL’s own (Golden) Knights to win the league pennant in their inaugural season.

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