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Iwata Asks: In Commemoration, Part 1 - Nintendo Game Seminar 2008

by Matt Walker - July 11, 2016, 11:56 pm EDT
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One year on, we remember Satoru Iwata by taking a look at previously untranslated interviews.

The interviews conducted by Mr. Iwata grew to much acclaim, often giving new insights into how Nintendo develops its games. We at Nintendo World Report have decided to take another look at the various entries into the main Iwata Asks series, along with some other interviews from over the years.

To start things off and to remember Mr. Iwata one year on from his passing we are offering translations of previously untranslated material. Please enjoy.



Iwata - Do you all know about the 64DD? Anyone who doesn’t, please raise your hand.

… There are quite a few. Ah, Miyamoto-san, stop joking around (laughs).

Attendees - (laugh)


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