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NWR Hype Meter Results

#15 - #11

by Justin Berube and Neal Ronaghan - September 10, 2015, 9:02 am EDT

On the brink of major hype.

15. Pokémon Main Series Sequel

Hype Level: 8.97%

We know nothing about it, but that doesn’t stop the next main series entry of the Pokémon series from making our list of hyped games. Yes, even after all these years Pokémon still has this type of power. While nothing is confirmed, we can surely assume this Pokémon title will introduce new Pokémon, have an evil team with a stupid plan, and let players explore the world while collecting at least eight different badges. Or maybe the Pokémon formula will be changed significantly. Only time will tell.

14. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

Hype Level: 11.35%

Chibi-Robo! is back and in its first side scrolling platformer. While this may break away from the traditional Chibi-Robo formula, it does promise to keep some of the things that made past iterations of the series great. Also, Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash will come in an optional bundle that includes a Chibi-Robo! Amiibo. Who doesn’t want to own a toy of this cute little robot?

13. Final Fantasy Explorers

Hype Level: 11.87%

Final Fantasy Explorers, from what we know of the Japanese version released last year, is essentially a Monster Hunter-y Final Fantasy game. It's focused on action RPG combat, a job system, and all sorts of gear. It also will have ample amounts of Final Fantasy nostalgia packed in as familiar friends and foes appear. In addition to single-player, prospective explorers can go online and play with three other people. If you've been longing for a Crystal Chronicles game, this might be the closest you'll get.

12. Picross 3D 2

Hype Level: 12.14%

A late addition to the Hype Meter, Picross 3D 2 is the sequel to the unofficial official best DS game ever according to Nintendo World Report. Picross 3D 2 is currently only announced for Japan, but it's likely the puzzle game will be released worldwide. Like its predecessor, it features a variety of puzzles that require you to use spatial reasoning and logic to solve 3D nonogram puzzles. Aside from the minor visual upgrade from DS to 3DS, Picross 3D 2 will also support Amiibo, so you can solve some rad Mario puzzles and maybe even something Mega Man related? (The last part isn't confirmed, but really, how cool would that be?)

11. The Legend of Legacy

Hype Level: 12.93%

Goofy name aside, Legend of Legacy tops our Hype List as the most anticipated third-party game. The Atlus-published RPG has a solid pedigree behind it, with Chrono Trigger scribe Masato Kato on the story and a variety of other former Square Enix creators who worked on the SaGa series. The hook to Legend of Legacy is that you choose from one of seven different characters, and the story plays out differently depending on who you play as. The Japanese release of this game had a mixed reception, but Atlus is working to tweak and rebalance the game to make it a better experience. We'll find out how it turns out on October 13.



xcwarriorSeptember 10, 2015

CHibi Robo is on the list, but Monster Hunter didn't make it.

I don't know what to think about this, considering Chibi Robo likely won't sell more than 20k copies and Monster Hunter will do that in preorders... if it is released in the West, which I think it will.

Nintendo announced two games since the start of this feature that would be very high on my list. Picross 3D 2 got in soon enough to add it, but Pikmin 4 was too late.

KhushrenadaSeptember 10, 2015

My submitted list (which is the correct list. Some of you people really need to put your hype in order and get it together) is as follows:

10: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest (Although I'll be a sucker and buy both games) - NWR Rank: 6
9. Just Dance 2016 - NWR Rank: N/A
8. Legend of Zelda Wii U - NWR Rank: 2
7. Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes - NWR Rank: 8
6. Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam - NWR Rank: 18
5. Yoshi's Wooly World - NWR Rank: 5 (Right on!)
4. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - NWR Rank: 17
3. Star Fox Zero - NWR Rank: 4
2. Chibi-Robo Zip Lash - NWR Rank: 14
1. Xenoblade Chronicles X - NWR Rank: 3

There it is.

SorenSeptember 10, 2015

All but one of the games on my list made the final cut (seriously no one else is even a little bit hyped for Mario Tennis?!?!?!?)


1) That Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Wii U game with the really Japanese title that’s most certainly not going to be the final North American title.
2) Fire Emblem Fates
3) Rhythm Heaven: The Best +
4) The Legend of Zelda Wii U
5) Super Mario Maker
6) Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
7) Yoshi’s Woolly World
8) Star Fox Zero
9) Xenoblade Chronicles X
10) Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

TOPHATANT123September 10, 2015

Really enjoyed reading this, and the mathematics seem sound, if it isn't too much trouble I'd love to have this quarterly or something.

This was my list:

1. Star Fox Zero
2. Picross 3D 2
3. Super Mario Maker
4. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge
5. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
6. Yoshi’s Wooly World
7. Antipole DX
8. Metroid Prime: Federation Forces
9. Xenoblade Chronicles X
10. The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Pikmin 4 would slot in at third if we were doing this now.

Mop it upSeptember 10, 2015

Quote from: xcwarrior

Chibi-Robo is on the list, but Monster Hunter didn't make it.

I don't know what to think about this, considering Chibi-Robo likely won't sell more than 20k copies and Monster Hunter will do that in pre-orders... if it is released in the West, which I think it will.

Sales don't really mean anything when it comes to gaming enthusiasts, who are informed and will buy games with low popularity. There are quite a few things like Chibi-Robo, Chrono Trigger, etc. that is popular among enthusiasts, but gets low sales overall. Also, while Monster Hunter has its dedicated fans, very few of them appear to be on this website.

Plus, whichever Monster Hunter game you mean, it hasn't been announced for release outside Japan yet, which I'm sure has an effect on the votes. It's also just a spin-off and not MH5.

OedoSeptember 10, 2015

Gonna go out on a limb here and say I'm the only person who had this game #1 on my list.

1. Bravely Second: End Layer
2. The Legend of Legacy
3. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
4. Xenoblade Chronicles X
5. Fire Emblem Fates
6. Star Fox Zero
7. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
8. Super Mario Maker
9. Hyrule Warriors Legends
10. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

I would probably drop #10 from my list if I was doing it over after going back to New Leaf last month and getting my Animal Crossing fill for the next little while. Final Fantasy Explorers or Yo-kai Watch would go there instead.

ShyGuySeptember 10, 2015

Did I participate in this? I can't remember.

Probably shouldn't. Big Brother World Report will build a profile then the CIA will use it to track me down and silence my insurrection.

KejomoSeptember 10, 2015

No Bloodstained?

InvaderRENSeptember 10, 2015

Needs more Steamworld Heist

Bloodstained got like 2 or 3 votes out of the 40+ submissions we had.

And as long as people enjoy this, the rough plan is do this every few months. Might put the call out for submissions again in late November/early December for a 2016 preview hype list out by the end of the year.

This was the list I sent in:

1. Yoshi's Woolly World (NWR Rank 5)
2. Star Fox Zero (NWR Rank 4)
3. Super Mario Maker (NWR Rank 1)
4. Project Guard (NOT Ranked in Top 25)
5. Hex Heroes (NOT Ranked in Top 25)6. Guitar Hero Live (NOT Ranked in Top 25)7. Metroid Prime: Federation Force (NWR Rank 10)
8. Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (NWR Rank 8 )
9. Rodea the Sky Soldier (NWR Rank 23)
10. Dragon Quest XI (NWR Rank 16)

My personal #1-3 picks seem to be in the group consensus, and definitely jive with the whole Nintendo major title bias. However, my #4-6 picks must've been more unorthodox and none of them made the top 25.

I think the only thing that's happened recently that might change this list is Pokemon Go. I am definitely excited for Pikmin 4 but it's too far in the future for me to actually be hyping myself up for it.

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