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Episode 77 - MAXIMUM TENS

by James Charlton and Ty Shughart - April 18, 2016, 7:27 am EDT
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A heavily reduced Famicrew look back on the very best....and worst.

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Danny and Sairus take the week off, leaving James and Ty free to completely ruin the podcast. Hide the Doritos and Mountain Dew because we go MAJOR LEAGUE this week!

Ty talks about a Japanese KI tournament, and a new (!) set of Doom levels made by Japanese fans. James gets to the heart of Miitomo trolling - Miitrollolling? Also, Captain Toad! Then, we talk about Mario Maker levels both made manifest, and those that live only in abstraction. Far out.

In the news, we answer the question - "What if Zelda was a girl?" Also, we watch the new Ace Attorney anime. Or not. But you can! Listen in to find out that you can watch them for free on Crunchyroll.

Then, a very special extra-authentic breakdown of Japanese sales charts. We go right to the source and painfully sound out the title of each new Yokai Watch crossover game and Vita exploding-clothes simulators.

And, finally, we re-review NWR's 10-point reviews throughout history. Do we agree with them still? Did we ever? The answers may arouse you.

This podcast was edited by James Charlton.

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famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)April 19, 2016

Hey everyone, did you enjoy the episode?
I'm sure everyone agrees with everything that was said in the perfect 10 reviews feature right?
Haha, I'm joking of course, I know it annoyed someone/everyone on some/all levels.
Please understand!

Here's the original NWR article that we used as reference (sent in by Anthony, the listener)

We'd love to know what games you think are missing from the list.

WindyManSteven Rodriguez, Staff AlumnusApril 19, 2016

I must protest the last part of this podcast due to a gross omission on the 1/10 reviews.

Charlie's Angels for the GameCube, may we never forget.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)April 20, 2016

It got a 3 for controls Windy, it was TOO GOOD for this feature.

Also, nice to know that former (and my first) Director listens to our little old podcast  :cool;

MASBApril 23, 2016

I know you guys didn't create the list, but you missed one NWR 10, the best known of all! :)


Great show as usual guys. Even with just two of you, it wasn't lacking.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)April 24, 2016

Cheers MASB!

It's great that we didn't make the list because we can just pass the blame off if anything's missing.
Shame though, it would have made a good bookend with Daan "Kusoge" Koopman having both a 1 and a 10!

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