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Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy

by Daan Koopman - December 27, 2013, 6:41 am EST
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Stuck in a universe where the best eShop title is saved for last!

At the end of 2012, an odd Nintendo 3DS title hit the eShop in Japan and this was none other than Bike Rider DX. The game, known in Japan as Chariso DX, was a simple to understand puzzle-platformer where your control options were limited. You would press the A-button to jump and use the D-Pad or Circle Pad to speed up or slow down. The original venture was a port of a phone game and it proved a very novel translation since the content was still tailored for portability. It went on to become the most played Nintendo eShop title in Japan, so how do you follow up something good like that? Spicysoft took it upon themelves to make a sequel, exclusively for Nintendo's handheld. The results are more stunning than I could have imagined and in my mind, it is the most perfect game to have with you. This is Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy.

The original game took you on a worldwide journey in the World Tour and while it was pretty fun, it had some small issues. The levels were cool and there was some variety, but it mostly used elements like obstacles a little bit too much. Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy takes everything to a whole new level, going on a wild ride through various abstract worlds. There is an underworld, multiple worldsset in space and even a world where you fly high through the sky. The awesome stuff put in these five levels per world is brilliant and the concepts introduced are never really over exposed. You will be jumping from various ledges, bridges, obstacles and take control of various new power-ups. These will put your reflexes to the test like no other, and learning to adapt quick is of absolute importance.

In every level of the Galaxy Tour, you will have to find three golden coins and these are incredibly important to get. This won't be easy as the golden beauties require some precision platforming and many won't be able to get them all on the first try.

When you beat the Galaxy Tour, which lasts twelve worlds, you will be able to sink your teeth into the six Extra Stages worlds. These will challenge you like never before and try to mix the power-ups in some pretty impressive ways. You unlock these stages by collecting enough medals in the Galaxy Tour levels or receiving them by completing challenges from the awards section. If you are completely done with the game, you don't have to worry that you will never see new levels appear. New stages will be made available as downloadable content to the title. The first pack is available already. Even better is these MOON levels are completely free of charge, which made me pick it up pretty quickly on day one.

Next to the Galaxy Tour, there is also the return of the Grand Prix mode and here many improvements can be found. While the regular stages have a simple focus, this mode creates endless stages in which you have to keep going without crashing a single time. The created stages are and were impressive in both versions, but what makes it better is that you are free to choose any of your unlocked locations. In the original, you were always dependent on surprise or luck. Another great inclusion is the online leaderboards, where you can compete and compare with everyone on the list. It is not a full featured page, but I am just simply looking for a way to improve my scores.

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy has been the biggest surprise of 2013. While I liked the original very much, I do get that there could be a certain disconnect with the title. With Galaxy however, they have taken the learned lessons to heart and made everything about it more incredible. The environments and music are more impressive and brings the right atmosphere to the table. Combine that with the improvements in the Galaxy Tour, the Grand Prix and gameplay mechanics overall and you’ve got something that comes together really well. Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy is a game that is made for a great time on the go and I will be playing the Grand Prix for many months to come.


  • Improved options for the Grand Prix mode
  • Much variety in the levels
  • New power-ups that will challenge you
  • Plenty of reasons to keep playing
  • Presentation seems more tailor-made


KITT 10KDecember 27, 2013

No cons, huh?! That's the first time I've seen that here.

RazorkidDecember 27, 2013

Will pick up. I've discovered quite a few eShop gems thanks to NWR.

KDR_11kDecember 31, 2013

Now that's a case of Giant Space Flea From Nowhere!

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Genre Action
Developer Mobile & Game Studio

Worldwide Releases

na: Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy
Release Jul 03, 2014
jpn: Chari Sō DX 2 Galaxy
Release Dec 18, 2013
RatingAll Ages
eu: Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy
Release Jul 09, 2015
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